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    Already i can predict whats going to happen

      I think even before playing die rise, its going to be over the top, i wish they could just make a normal map, just one with a no over the top annoying things, like a huge map, and a denizen, and terrible guns, i wish die rise could be like Der Riese

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          Die rise will most likely be a huge disappointment, just like tranzit was, i mean its OK, but its nowhere near as good as what everyone expected because of what they built it up to be. But then again it could end up being much better than our expectations and blow us away... but with the way things have been going i doubt it.

          I agree about the guns, most are useless and i hope we dont see denizens in die rise either.

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            So your bashing a map before playing it or even seeing any gameplay?  Wow the stupidity on these forums never cease to amaze me.  And if you want der reise that bad go play WAW or blops 1. 

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                I am playing der reise right nwo ahah yeah i get what your saying, i was gonna add that in! i was saying this as my opinon on what ive seen and read about the map so far, like the long drops are going to annoy anyone is what i predict

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                  I know we don't always see eye to eye on here, but I think you are right on this one.


                  I will hold my judgement on Die Rise until it comes out. My only hope is that there will be no denizens, but we shall see on Tuesday.

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                      Thanks for the backup.  I'm really looking forward to the map.

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                          Me too. I have l lot of faith in Treyarch bringing us something special after their vaild attempts with Green Run.


                          I like Green Run, but did not see the point in having 80% of it empty. Die Rise looks much more promising. Also original.

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                              Deathbringer...have not seen you post anything about you hunt for the Tranzit EE in a week.


                              What's good? Have you thrown in the towel?


                              I thought you were on the verge of a major breakthrough...

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                                  Well, I had a few things I was going to test out, but this last patch put an end to that.


                                  The last few theories I put to the test were regarding Maxis. I started a local match offline, so I had everything reset. Before opening power, I tried placing my turbine under every lamp, and got nothing from Maxis. Then went to the tower, placed my turbine down, and got the quote "Not enough power. Bring additional militery systems"


                                  I then went to power, opened it and built it up. When I turned it on, I got the usual quote "Excellent, you have freed him, now you must turn the power off... yada yada"


                                  Now... I noticed that he said "YOU HAVE FREED HIM".... Hmm, why would he say this? The first quote we ever get from Maxis is "Quickly, complete the device! Do it!" then, from that, to "You have freed him"?


                                  So, my logic, based on Jimmy's tweet "Tell me the task you have completed... in order. NOW!", Maybe we have to build the turbine, then place 2-4 under the pylon, get the quote "Yes, power... but we need more of it. Perhaps power that is portable, and possibly even alive", then turn power on then off, to get on with his "other tasks".


                                  I could NOT trigger the "Two obtuse verteses" or the "Circumsized" quote until I had already turned power on then off, but I COULD activate the quotes under the pylon without reaching power!?!


                                  So, going back to the order of Maxis...


                                  1/ Build the Turbine

                                  2/ Place at least 2 turbines under the pylon

                                  3/ Turn power on then off

                                  4/ ?

                                  5/ Place turbines under the lamps to activate the "Obtuse Vetices" quote

                                  6/ EMP the Avogadro under the pylon

                                  7/ ?


                                  The reason 4 and 7 have the ? is because the outstanding Maxis quote "This is but one of three points requires to complete the design" could possibly fit into number 4, giving a reason for the next quote to be the TWO obtuse vertices part (ie: "this is but ONE", followed by "The TWO obtuse")


                                  Not sure if I am going anywhere with this, but just found it strange that we start a game and get the quote to complete the device, then the next time we hear from him is "Excellent, you have freed him"???


                                  From a game point of view, who is HIM? I mean, if we look at it from a first time playing point of view, it seems weird to go from the first quote to the second, without even finding out who he is? But, it ties in in we listen to the quote about portable power, so maybe we MUST do it in a specific order for it to work properly.


                                  Seems strange not to be able to activate the quotes from the lamps until power has been turned on and off first, but we can get the quotes from the tower either way.

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                                      Well when you think about it, all the achievement says is, "Obey the voices." not "Do everything the voices have told you in the proper order until the easter egg is completed." Kind of an important distinction there. We might have gotten credit for doing one step of the easter egg and in the next DLC we will see a new list of achievements, some of which might either be secret, or might be relating to Tranzit. I have also considered the fact that you can free the Electric Zombie and re-capture it might play a role in the easter egg, and might allow us to do both sides later.


                                      I also think you're right about the order being confused. That is the only logical reason why we would be able to do multiple steps out of order, and keep hearing the same quotes after we've done them over and over, as we keep moving the beams from lamppost to lamppost.

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                                        Noticed that same thing with no quotes for turbines under the lights before the power is on and I could have sworn we used to get something.


                                        I'll have to try putting turbines down at the tower before power is turned on/off.


                                        And I'm happy to see that your spirit has not been broken yet. Trying to find people to hunt with is like pulling teeth.

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                                            I may not post much about the hunts recently, but I still continue to do them. Definitely have several things that still puzzle me.


                                            The one with the bus is really strange. Watch a tranzit game on theater mode, and no clip under the map or route from depot to town, then come back to depot under the map, and go behind it where the bus comes from at the very beginning. Now, while behind there, rewind the game back to the very start and the bus is behind the depot, with the Grill on the front, and the hatch on the top, but NO ladder on the side!?!


                                            If the bus sits stationary at the beginning of the game, with two buildables already on, then this surely is the buses default state, yes? So why no ladder on the side? Could it be, the ladder has a primary placement elsewhere, and the bus is just it's secondary use!?!



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                                        I think we're finally going to see that the naysayers have been right about not seeing anything on Tranzit until after the DLC, the fact that they are putting "new" on the Tranzit map, I think shows that they are going to be retroactively changing it as things progress. Their feelings have probably been hurt this whole time watching us go on about how disappointed we all are and they've just been saying to themselves, "Just wait a bit". Tranzit will probably be a different map by the time the DLC season is over and so will Die Rise and whatever else comes after it. There's still a chance that the naysayers have been wrong and we just couldnt figure out the rest of Tranzit or that we're both wrong and there is no more for Tranzit, with or without DLC and it's simply kaput, but I doubt that option. Can't wait to open up a whole other can of worms with Die Rise.

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                                        I know I am Too! I just got fustrated, i was just saying from what i have seen, but i am not saying it hasnt got the potential to be amazing, i havent even played it!