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    Looking for help with an experiment!

      Hi all. For the longest time I have known that Kill cams and Theater mode are not the most trustable sources. As we all well know, theater/kill cams sometimes show suspicious things such as a guy aiming at thin air and getting hit markers. This has been the source of ALOT of anger from the community. mainly because they feel that what they see in these reenactments is exactly what happened, so therefore the weapon is OP or theres lag or whatever.


      I have argued in the past that what you see in Kill cams is NOT what I saw on my screen (being the killer not the victim). In the kill cam my aim was off, but in reality I was aimed dead on the whole time. Some people have said that this is the lag difference you are seeing, that its because its an exact recording of what the host sees. But i have seen that this is not so. Theater recordings still differ at times (not always) even when host.


      Even the kill cams in offline mode are subject to being off, Tho admitedly I only bothered to look once and the amount it was off was tiny... Today I come here asking for help as I need more then just me with a recording device. The goal is to take to live gameplay from people in different locations and compare. idealy i would like atleast 6 people to help with this. but meh


      anywho game starting... mssg me deamonomic