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    Elite Clan L2K Starting Off

      Looking for help starting this  clan off right.


      Add me on PSN: Live2kill-4Life or Afroninja396


      There are no requirements to join but to rank up there is.



      Our clan tag would have 3 letters {Ex. L2K} and then behind that we would put our ranks.



      So for a recruit it would be L2K0 then moveing up to L2K1 and so on up to L2K9 and the only rank past that is L2KG for game lobby leaders and higher than that is L2KL for the L2K Leaders that all have jobs in clan.



      We will need a few different leaders for certain types of gamemodes so these leaders can lead those game mode lobbys. For example we would have a Search Leader would would lead the search and destroy lobby. Leaders must be very talented at that type of game mode.



      Once we get up and running new members will have to apply online. When we make a website it will be on there. Then after they apply we will have a few people play certain game modes with thos players to see their strengths and weaknesses.

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          Ranks Req



          L2K0- No Req

          L2K1- 1.0 + K/D

          L2K2- Pass Try Outs

          L2K3- Been in clan for 2 Weeks+, Must be "Active Player"

          L2K4- Recruit 1 player

          L2K5- Been in Clan for 1 month+

          L2K6- Must know all responses for Leaders in game Commands

          L2K7- Must be "Active" on Clan Page

          L2K8- Recruit another player

          L2K9- Been in Clan for 3 months+, "Active" on Clan Page, Must be deemed "Elite Player" on Clan Page

          L2KG- Special Try Outs

          L2KL- Invite Only



          ry Outs~

          To get to a L2K2 Rank you must pass try outs by letting the Command of entry know that you would like to try out.



          Once notified he will put your name on the list of entries. Try outs occur once a week every friday night.



          To Pass try outs there are different stages you must pass..

          1 Play a match of Search with team and you take charge. You make commands and no one else talks.

          2 Play 1V1 against a Elite Player

          3 Additional (Optional/Decided by Command of Entry)



          Being accepted will not be one if you won or lost but by how the command of entry rates you and if he accepts you.









          Clan Page Titles

          On the clan page we will have players names with titles behind them such as Elite Player, Active Player, Or active.



          Active- Be active on website in the forums. Must be Involved and talking. Must post something/anything daily for a consecutive week. To keep title after week must keep posting 1 thing daily. (Able to miss up to 1 day a week)

          Active Player- Must be in one of the Leaders Lobby for a minimum of 2 games daily for a week. (Able to miss up to 2 days worth a week) To keep title after week must keep being active in lobby and same rules apply.

          Elite Player- This title is the hardest to recieve. Must have 2 of the 3: 2.0+ K/D, Finish 1st place in 3 consecutive matches in one of our clan lobbys with at least 1 L2KL rank in the match, or must challenge a current "Elite" rank member to a 1V1 to a match to 20 and win by at least 5 pts over theirs.



          Ways to lost "Elite" title- Demoted in rank due to disrespectful behavior or any other type of bad behavior, Becoming inactive for over 1 week without notifying a L2KL, Losing a "Elite" Challenge so they may recieve your title.










          Name/ K/D / Titles/ Posts/ Games/ Away




          Under each rank we will post the following across in a line for each player.



          Player name

          Kill to Death Ratio

          Current Titles

          Days posting something on clan (everyday they post something we will add a 1 under that part showing they posted something) so if someone posts two days out of the week we would put 11 and so on.

          Next is Game section where we will add a tally mark just like for Days posted but it will be for days you played 2+ games in a Clan Lobby.

          Last is when a player lets the clan know when they are going to be away for a while and how long it will be marked with an X.










          There are two types of L2KL in the clan. L2KG for Game Lobby leaders that excel in certain game modes and lead the clan lobbys for that game mode. And L2KL for all the Leaders of the clan that have jobs to help out running the clan.



          L2KG~ (All Lobby Leaders must notify Rank Updater when a player plays 2 matchs in a lobby. Once a day for each player)

          Main Lobby (all game types):

          TDM and KC:

          Ground War:

          Search and CTF:

          Ground War:

          Hardcore TDM and KC:

          Hardcore Search and CTF:




          Rank Updater (3 max)-Must weekly update the rank K/Ds and Titles and Daily update the rank Games and Posts

          Forum Manager (2 max)-Must daily notify Rank Updater who has posted Something/Anything on clan website forums

          Chain of Command (5 max)-Make sure everyone is doing their job and that all players have correct gamer rank set

          Ranks Administrator (1 max)-Looks for the ranks sheet and notifys when a player can rank up. Any questions for ranks will be answered by this rank.

          Command of Entry (2 max)-Leads clan member try outs. Keeps list of who is trying out each week. Then judges player performance after try out.

          Off Commissions Leader-Keeps track of who is "away". These are the people to let know when you are going to be gone for a certain amout of time. Also notify rank updater when players are away.








          All ____ : All go to that spot

          Watch ___ : Enemy in that spot

          Sniper ___ : Enemy sniper in that spot

          ___ with me : Player goes with that person

          Follow tight :  Follow that leader closly

          Lead the Way : You lead and "I" will follow

          Stray Follow : Follow from distance with eyes on other doors, behind you, ect.

          Straigh Follow : Follow from distance with eyes on Leader

          Camp Out : Find a spot and stay in that room

          Grab a door : when camped out everyone watchs a door

          ___ Guard : That player guards flag/target (No name means everyone)




          All unexplained commands are either "yes sir" or "understood"

          Any Commands with Follow: "Lead the way"

          When a enemy is called out for example "Sniper ___" if you kill that player respond: Target Down





          PSN Name:

          Specialty: (Sniper, Assult, Sub, Harcore, Core, ECT.)

          Best Gamemodes: (Search, CTF, TDM, ECT.)

          Recruited? If so by who?:

          Anything Else?: