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    WTF has happened with the aim assist on wiimote? Its crazy sickly nasty dirty horrible

      I keep chaninging aim assist off and on when im trying out my many different tweaks to get the best feel for myself - ANYWAY, today I was playing, it was all good, just levelling up the vector, mainly ads`ing, but quickly as there all small cqb`s. Then I read about the AR buff so thought id try a few out. OMFG - you ADS and the reticle just takes over from where you want to look, and keeps searching for enemies, like a sniffer dog, now that may seem helpful to some, but not me, it makes me feel sick. And you run into multiple enemies your screwed coz whoever your aiming at, it drags it away and tries to lock on to other people.


      Worryingly, ive turned it off and it still does it! I feel sea sick


      I guess its back to the smgs