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    Die Rise Easter Egg - Maxis

      So me and my team went through trying to figure out what to do when Maxis wants you to kill the zombies in the Buddha Room. Well, we killed them all and we heard Maxis saying "Reincarnation is the way forward" (as close as we can tell as it gets very hard to understand in the end, I actually listened to it multiple times). So we tried a lot of different things... We went down with Who's Who and tried to but the balls back under the lions paws, we tried taking the balls from underneath the lions paws while in Who's Who, we tried doing something with the emblems of the lions (one on the roof, right up the stairs from the lone elevator, one in spawn) while in Who's Who, we tried putting them in the elevator windows in the back room while in Who's Who and we're hitting dead ends all over the place. We may have tried a few more things too, I can't remember. Anyways, none of it worked. Any theories that we can test out guys? We're hitting the wall here... (Oh, and we did try all of this while we were normal too). HIt me with your best shot boys. (And girls...)