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    spawns getting worse

      All day today I would spawn behind 2 or 3 guys or I would span right in front of a guy that just killed me. I really hope they find a way to fix it like they did in first black ops

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          Re: spawns getting worse

          A few days ago I played a match where a guy was shooting at an empty wall, then a guy popped up and was obviously killed. Not sure if the spawntrapper realized that the match was almost over because it was the final killcam. The very next match we played the same map and they tried to do the same thing. It worked a couple times where I was spawning a foot away from my killer and I even spawned in front of a guy already shooting at my eventual spawn location



          In the end we won, I'm untrappable now, but it's still annoying when I die less than a second after my respawn

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