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    Is it time to start the Easter Egg hunt on Tranzit again..? I know... too soon. (Highly irresponsible, speculative, and wishful musings follow)

      I have been thinking that the next part of the Tranzit easter egg might be activated or freed when you insert the Tranzit navcard in the Die Rise with the possible result on Tranzit of being able to teleport to Die Rise upon completion of a newly updated sidequested in Tranzit, Green Run. I assume if this is true it would cause the cutscene to play and then you would begin on Die Rise.


      We clearly see them teleport from the Northwest of the United States to China, although the location is not exactly right at the Hanford site, but it is close enough. Is it possible that the immediately post game update we were all forced to get could have been Treyarch attempting to actively insert content into the game, such as the continuation on Tranzit? Multiplayer was fine, it was just Zombies that was screwed up, leading me to believe that the post-game update was zombies related. (Playlist data was older for some zombies players and newer for others causing incapabilities of playing with eachother. Why would this be unless one person might have had something new on a map while others didn't have those files? It could be Die Rise updates, but it could also be Tranzit related.) I think it's highly possible that the ability to teleport from the previous campaign game-mode map may be activated when you put the navcard from the previous map into the new maps navcard table. If the cutscene played and you started at round 1 of Die Rise, we would have ourselves a genuine zombies campaign mode!


      Not to mention from Treyarch's standpoint this would force anyone who wanted to complete the storyline to buy each new map that came out, because the next map's navcard table would accept the previous map's navcard. At the end of each zombies map when we teleported we would see the cutscene and start on the newly downloaded map, once it becomes playable at the release. We couldn't really have teleported to Die Rise a month ago since we didn't have it. It would also give you an escape from a high round of Tranzit. Once you get finally get sick of the high rounds, you put the final piece or complete the last step and then leave Tranzit and find yourself on the first round of Die Rise.



      If this is the case we could trealy lead to something grand, and I am talking epic beyond all imaginable proportions! My highly unrealistic dream is that we end the DLC season going to the moon to destroy the MPD and save Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Samantha, which unlocks 8 player grief on the moon as one reward, (Original 4 vs. New 4?!). I know this is farfetched and speculative but I am just throwing out scenarios of how they could connect old and new in creative ways. The point being, I think it's time to go hunting on Tranzit again, and possibly do the easter egg again and try out old theories to see if they hold relevance now. Multiple people have already stated that they have experienced new unexplainable things on Tranzit! This would be the ultimate way to troll easter egg hunters! Not putting the rest of the easter egg in until after everyone has tried everything and gave up on ever finding anything more?! I will be exploring everything I have suggested when I get some more time but I have a pretty good feeling about it.


      For starters if anyone wants something to try on Tranzit, how about trying to kill the avogadro on Red instakill! You know how hard this would be??? Getting the red instakill AND getting the avogadro to spawn? You can't get burnt by fire or hit by a zombie or else you will instantly lose your red instakill. You also can't kill a zombie with your gun or knife while it is there or you will lose it instantly. I assume this means you can't get hit by the Electric Zombie's lightning either. This means you will have to get the instakill before he spawns and run with around not getting hit or killing any zombies, then end a round when you get another one and spawn the electric zombie, once he is in reach you must pick up the instakill and run at him without getting zapped or burnt or hit by newly spawning zombies and hit him so he dies. I challenge anyone to do this and post it, because that is worth an award on its own.