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    This is getting just too hard to deal with

      I've propably mentioned about this before and yeah, it's nothing new I guess, but I never seemed to get any clear answer, maybe I did but just didn't understand.


      I'm just really frustrated now, I've been playing few games today in TDM, Domination and FFA and I've tried to use ARs like the Fal, AN and SMGs like the Vector and MSMC, but I just can't get kills without getting killed right away because there is no time to react anymore after one gun fight since I get wounded so badly that already a tactical grenades detonation can kill me.


      I hate to complain about this, but it just feels like that the bullets do nothing, rifles feel extremely weak and when you've fired amount of shots on CQC that should be enough to kill already on long distance, you still don't seem to get the kill even if they all hit to the torso of the other player.


      I just have hard time to believe that it's just lag, if so, then what the hell am I supposed to do with this game if I just want to play the multiplayer, today most of my kills have been from knife and explosives like the C4, Frag and Semtex.


      I tried using Tac45, last tme I checked on custom games, it was 2 hit kill in close, but when I try it on public games I often need 6 shots to kill on close range, no matter where I try to shoot the other guy.


      Sometimes I sneak up on the other players and basically I get to just shoot them without even getting into a fight since some people just don't react to the HUD, they just lay down to prone and try to look for the enemy from the direction they're already looking at.


      This has given me fine examples how things seem to work, sometimes it's 3 shots from an assault rifle right on the head and they die, then in the same game it might require already 6 shots for them to die, even though there doesn't seem to be any connection issues.


      I don't know about you, but there is another thing I've noticed, when you fire a weapon, the bullet count on the bottom right drops with a small delay, it also seems to show while shooting an enemy, the hitmarker seems to appear just after the bullet count drops, might be just me being little paranoid about it, but I'm hoping for someone to try it out and see if they experience the same thing.


      Trey U, do you think you could try to explain something about this, or is just all about the connections, isn't there any chance that there is some bug that you guys haven't noticed that causes a delay with the hit detection or just drops the bullet damage randomly?


      It's weird, do I just have to think it's all about lag, I do miss shots, everyone does, but there are mostly CQC experiences where it's kinda hard to miss a full mag.

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          It will get fixed! for now play Harcode TDM and Hardcore FFA! no issues on those modes getting kills even with the major issues we have at present!

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            Was it always like this or did it just start after the last patch?  If it's after the patch I would wait for them to fix it before I worried too much.  If it's all the time then I'm not sure what to tell you other than it's some time of lag going on in one form or another.  I have games where I can't seem to kill people and it's just the lag/netcode running like crap for me.

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                Been like this pretty much all the time, but it has gotten worse, I'm hoping that the patch was part of the reason because now it's just terrible, I'll just try to be patient and wait till things get sorted out, but don't really feel like offering free kills to other players, so I guess I'll just keep few days break.

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                    Ive gone 24hrs without playing and preferred to watch TV last night rather than get wound up by this game - Im losing interest VERY quickly, the game is unplayable and its just a stream of constant BS

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                        I figured that I need something with no recoil and huge RoF, I checked the LMGs and figured that they're too slow, then I realized something... TYPE!!


                        Damn it was hilarious, I made a class with that AR with quickdraw/stock and had perk setup like this:



                        Fast hands



                        I went 30-11 on FFA

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                          I've been playing less and less.  I've played since MWR and my girlfriend since BO.  Soon as we first played my girlfriend didn't like the game at all and just barely ever plays.  I didn't like the game much either, but decided to give it a chance.  So far I'm glad they have been active in resolving issues, but I've been disappointed at the fact that everything that's been done even the game itself seems rushed and not properly tested.  Maybe I'm wrong and they did thoroughly tested the game and updates, and the problems where implementation, but either way to the eyes of the costumers it just seems like a sloppy job.  This is not to bash on anyone, neither players nor developers, as I am sure there's people that are fine with how the game is right now and there's developers that are working hard.  Its just it feels like some people have forgotten that the most important part of a company is its costumers, and if you keep your costumers happy via support and good quality products then you're doing it right.  To me, and I cant stress this enough that this is MY opinion, this game is not a good quality product.



                          P.S. I was going to accept your request, but it was no longer there.

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                              I first started playing on xbox, and hated the game, but thought it was becuase I sucked with analogs - then I moved to wiiu and it was impossible with the wiimote problems - then it was patched and I got a lot better - then they hotfixed and it went pear shaped again. I plodded on, getting screwed game after game, with the odd good game here and there, just to play with a few allies and pass time . BUT after this latest patch, the game just isnt worth playing and I dont have the hunger for it anymore.

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                                  The best thing you can do is buy a PC and get some guy to help you change the code so you can play with the wiimote. Hey, its been done before, some guy actually managed to play Crysis with the wiimote.....it sucked and it was extremely buggy.....but it worked!


                                  I wouldn't reccomend it though....this game is the same acrosss all platforms, believe it or not, the ps3 get sh*t on as well(which is the reason why all these kids asking for DLC make me mad, just because we get DLC doesn't mean the game will get any better......it might even get worse because it will segregate the community and ruin connections even more) and the PC might as well not exist. Even the xbox version isn't that great. Right now the only BIG MAJOR problems with the wii u are the annoying animation glitches that will get fixed, and the lag that arrived after the patch which will hopefully be fixed....and that's really about it. Weapon balance is near perfection right now. The spawns still suck, but at least I no longer have to deal with a broken controller or a super laser gun. Now when someone shoots me in the back with the PDW, I have time to react, do a 180 and use the extreme wiimote aim assist to track the enemy through various walls.

                                  It may seem like I'm complaining about the wiimote aim assist......but I love it. Now DA users can suffer, like we suffered. Suffer with me DA......suffer with me.....

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                          Get a friend and go at it against some bots; that's always a great time!

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                            I havent touched this game in 2 days, the connections are shockingly awful at the moment, especially after this last patch.


                            My K/D has fallen my 0.02 over the course of about an hours worth of play time, this is the first time it has fallen since it went above 3.5 and honestly its getting to the point where playing is practically impossible for a UK player.


                            I mean, I played a few on the 30th and the experience was horrible. I was playing solo (like always) and played some Kill confirmed. I threw up an orbital VSAT and thought it was only a matter of time before the K9 unit came, but no.


                            I prefired a guy I saw on the radar, I emptied 1/2 a clip of MSMC into him before he even knew what was going on, and just slapped my ass with a quick spray of his MTAR. I threw my controller down in disgust and have not touched the game since.


                            It is really getting to the point in this game where I have to shoot enemies in the back, or else face dying. My bullets are simply not killing them as quick as theres are killing me.


                            For reference, please see 3:30 on this video



                            furthermore, more indepth of that killcam happens at 4:15.


                            I swear everytime i die, it looks exactly like that video, and i just cannot seem to work out how i am being dropped, it literally drives me insane. How did he even die???


                            I dunno.... at this point in time its relative certainty that lag isnt going to be fixed, vonderhaar doesnt think theres a problem and well thats it really.


                            Its a shame because CoD is really just being there own downfall, if you keep screwing fans over, then no-ones gonna buy your future games.

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                                Trust me, I don't need videos like this, I know all about that crap, I've been experiencing it all the time, someone just knows that you're coming behind a corner as if they would of seen you already and start pre fire on my screen, even if I manage to do quick attack and fire bunch of shots, the guy has basically killed me like 3 seconds ago.


                                The annoying part is that it sometimes doen't happen for a while, then all the sudden it may just start middle of the match.


                                Just because it doesn't happen to me, it doesn't mean that it won't be happening to players I kill, just mostly seems to be me tbh...


                                Today I've had several examples again, I got amazing kills with the Type 25, triples kills and several chances to get quad feeds, but getting triple with that gun is already requiring some luck, I had to reload always after that, I usually moved for cover and the 4th guy would just kill me from strange angles, angles where you can't even see where I am, yet when I die, the kill cam makes it look like that I never get to the cover, not sure how inaccurate they're but the fact that I've been standing there for 2½ seconds and apparently the guy still sees me on his screen is just nuts.


                                Another thing, I killed two guys on KC at Hijacked, then I ran into the stairs to get to the upper level I got shot down by Vector, the freaking enemy who saw me to run there took me down trough thick wall, with just about 10 bullets, WTF, I can't penetrate any walls that well, even if I have FMJ equipped, kinda unfair if you ask me.


                                Weird stuff indeed.


                                But I suppose we can just admit how much we suck at this game, we suck because we're getting completely random deaths, enemies just spawn behind us or just appear infront of us as if they were just standing right in front of us all the time, isn't that what everyone who "doesn't have" any issues with the game always say? *SMIRK*

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                                I have been having similar issues sense the download of recent revolution map pack.  I see a lot of people compalining about lag.  Not sure if it is lag or something changed in the code of the game.  I have a more dificult time using assult rifles, even the smg seems slow, response time with everyrhing seems a bit off.  I am a moderate player.  I have run at or above 1.10 k/d sense the games released, however this week I have rarely been able to get a 50% k/d.  Yet I see other players blazing around the maps scoring 20 30 kills before releasing thier lethal scorestreaks ending the game with 60 70 kills.  Ground war seems more like a boosting game.  Until this week I liked BO2 better than all the other Call of Duty games.  Right now there is not much point in playing. 


                                On the point OFCPaul1974 "play Hardcore".  I would play hardcore more.  Played my majority of time in hardcore in MW3.  I am disapointed with the small selection of games to choose from.  Most disappointing thing about BO2, well until this week.