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    get perma jug in less then 2 min

      yes in less time then it takes to take a $hit u can get perma jug.


      1st off, the perma jug from what i have seen is for people who kinda suck, maby new to the game and keep going down. they put it in as a little helper for those in need.

      2nd, it should also work in DIE/\RISE but i havent tried it yet.

      3rd, all u have to do is go to green run in SOLO(much ezer then with other people) and buy quick revive. After buying quick revive, down yourslef by a zombie and wait till you get re-revived.

      4th, just repeat that step 2-3 times and U GOT JUG.


      for me it takes 2 revives and on the 2nd time i get up i see green smoke and i got it, but when i tried it with my bros account it took 3 revives.

      my account is much better with the stats then his and thats the only thing i could think of. thanks