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    [ER] Elite Rebellion - YouTube Project - [PS3]

      Welcome to Elite Rebellion's Recruitment Thread!


      About us


      Elite Rebellion is a military simulation clan, teaching people how to work as a team on first and third person video games.


      Our main focus is to use the Theater Mode to create tutorials, teaching our audience military squad tactics. By establishing ourselves on YouTube, it will allow us to open doors to our bigger vision, of having a huge multi-gaming community. Our YouTube videos will contain tutorials on how to utilize teamwork on video games. For example, click here.


      On a side note, I'm also searching for like-minded individuals to create the core of Elite Rebellion. We already have a few major plans that are well thought out, over a number of years, but the individuals invited to join the core will help finalize these ideas.


      Requirements to join

      - Aged 21 and over, with room for exceptions.

      - Have and use a microphone/headset.

      - Willing to learn.

      - Mature, overall positive mind.

      - Able to attend our filming/training sessions.


      How to join

      Simply send me a private message on your PlayStation 3, my PSN ID is JokesOnMe.


      Our Links




      Thank you for reading this message, take it easy.


      JokesOnMe - Clan Leader of Elite Rebellion

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