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    No freezing, no random stat reset, will connect to online, host will migrate if need be, no probation, knives that work, lag almost non-existant, no frustration,  actual fun.

      I apologize in advance. But....MW3. It works. None of this stuff is happening there. I hung up BO2, just was not worth it anymore, thankfully I didn't pay for it. I know most of you did, and it suks as to what is going on with it. Come back to MW3, you will ateast be able to play it without worrying about all that stuff. If you like playing COD but you are having issues with BO2,  just shelve it and come back. Maybe it will get fixed, I try to have hope which is why I stick around, looking for updates, plus I've been with COD since the begining, its a love hate relationship, and maybe to help someone in the process.  Atleast your stats and your PS3 will be happier.