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    Hail Mary (long shot with the axe)

      Could someone please give me any advice?



      Been trying to do this challenge for a while, but it has become rather clear to me that it's about pure luck or you just have to be damn good.



      I've gotten few kills with in minimal ranges that are considered as long shots with pistols, maybe even greater ranges than that, but no, no long shot medal.



      Tried at Hijacked several times, I was confident that I could get it on that map since people always move in those corridor kind of areas, but still haven't been lucky enough.



      I was thinking, maybe it's broken, but I see few people with the master of humiliation title so this isn't the case.



      How long distance it requires to get the challenge done?

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          Re: Hail Mary (long shot with the axe)

          Play domination.


          At the start of the round, most players will be capping there starting flag (A or C). This means you know EXACTLY where they are.


          line your cursor up with the A or C letter, look upwards and let some axes fly.


          Repeat the process over and over and eventually you will get it right.


          This is the way I did it, I hope it is of some help to you.

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              Re: Hail Mary (long shot with the axe)

              Thats how I got killed once, I felt like rage quitting, tried many times and there comes this dude who gets it right in his first time xD



              But back to the point, should I carry two of them while trying this?

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                  Re: Hail Mary (long shot with the axe)

                  I would reccomend carrying 2 yes. throwing them both will increase your chances by 2.


                  it took me a few attempts to get it because my axes were either overshooting the target or not going far enough.


                  Eventually I did it on Aftermath, I was at C flag, just chucked 2 towards A flag and got a guy who was running up those steps from A flag.


                  It was magnificent to watch back in theatre mode haha.

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                Re: Hail Mary (long shot with the axe)

                I was also trying to get this challenge for a while. I got mine on Turbine (i like to call it Turdbine because it's a garbage map). Regardless, I threw mine from where you can hop on the fallen Turbine and start to walk up it, to a guy who was spraying the mounted machine gun in the room.  The distance has to be pretty far. I got a few long tomahawks that, to my surprise, weren't longshots. Just stick with it.


                I don't know if you use the Wii mote or the Pro controller, but i'd recommend dual analogs for this challenge because it's easier to keep steady. May try sticks and stones as well, and try to get lucky with an AFK dude?

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                  Re: Hail Mary (long shot with the axe)

                  I use Wiimote, been getting better with it on close/medium fights, I can actually hit on the moving targets, it is hard though.


                  Sticks and stones sounds like a good idea, but usually at the times I'm on there is only gun game matches.


                  I have a feeling that I should go into groundwar, I see plenty of people stacking into one spot to sniper etc.


                  Thanks for the tips, I shall go and make a class

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