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    Connections hit the buffers again - HOST HUGE ADVANTAGE

      So I just played my 1st 6 games of the day...


      1st game , I was host, god knows why, but I went 66-2, barely a bullet touched me, and im thinking WOW - great patch


      next game, could barely walk in a straight line, I finished 2-32, I was 1 red bar. So was everyone else apart from the host.


      Next 4 games all followed suit, with 1 guy owning everyone, with a 5 bar, the rest of us on 1 red, or 2 yellow bars, going negative.


      I tried 5 lobbies in those 6 games, all diff guys apart from the 1st 2 games, host always had 5 bars, rest 1 or 2. I averaged a 1 kdr thanks to my 66-2 - unreal


      DAFUQ is going on with this game - give us some consistency FFS