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    The model 1887.

      So, in an effort to gold every gun in MW3. I had to go to the model. I have never used this weapon in MW2. I must say for a shot gun, it is a bit out of hand. I find it amusing, also I see why so many use it. Though I see its problem, and thats the lever action. I guess thats the sense of balance. The range and pwer of this thing is a bit out of hand. I will gold it and go on to the next, but wtf.

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          Re: The model 1887.

          I found this gun to be a crap shot of inconsistencies. I would be getting easy kills with it and then all of a sudden I'd shot a guy point blank range and he would not die...(I had a great connectiion so it isn't lag)


          The range is okay, but nothing special. Since you have no attachments you really have to grind with this weapon to get anywhere with it.


          I found the SPAS 12 to be a better shotgun. However I understand your idea of wanting to get every gun gold.

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