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    Host Selection

      why is it treyarch does not select the player with the best win/loss ratio to be the host for this game? host migration is plaguing this game @ this point, if my party even calls in too many uav's players just rage quit, we've even reduced ourselves to run lower kill streaks so people don't time out and give us losses on our record.


      since this new patch the host selection does not pick the best connection for each match, i know this because my friend that uses his neighbors wireless gets selected host and after the migration the whole game crashes afterwards because the game can't handle his weak connection. another friend with wireless sometimes get selected and the whole lobby crashes as well.


      seeing how everyone randomly gets host; i know for sure that this game try's to give everyone a chance @ hosting, this is killing the game because of all the rage quitters. on average a party of 6 in this game will go through about 5 host migrations per game, it's just disgusting and just simply kills the game.


      this is just a rant, i play this game a lot and care about my win/loss ratio, and this is killing it. if you guys feel the same or experience the same thing, let them know.


      i say give the person with the best win/loss because they will most likely never time out or leave the game. also giving a new person host after each game really makes the playing experience inconsistent, because this game demands a host with a really good connection for it to be some what playable.

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          Re: Host Selection

          The person with the best W/L doesn't necessarily have the best upload speed to facilitate hosting 11 other people. The way it should work is after the host leaves the game should pick the best possible host on the winning team, they're less likely to bail. I'm noticing that the team losing always gets a host which is why the games can never finish

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              Re: Host Selection

              correct, the person with the best win/loss doesn't necessarily have the best connection to facilitate hosting for the whole lobby, but @ this point the game is not looking for the best connection to host the game. like i said my friends with burger king wireless get selected host after a migration and the game crashes because it cannot handle it.


              i too have noticed from the beginning of this game that after a migration someone on the losing team always gets host, that's why i say we go through about 5 host migrations per game when i'm playing in a full party of 6.


              i have a very good connection and i rarely get chosen for host in this game, whereas in previous cods i would pull host almost 24/7. it's hard for me to believe that i run into other players with as good or better connection than me on a consistent basis.



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              Re: Host Selection

              Your friend who uses his neighbors wireless is the ******* problem with this game add in the lag your party brings since I'm sure your not all in the same area and people are going to leave more often then not when your team is full of bullet sponges. If you rolling a clan playing randoms  there going to bail any way unless there kicking your ass from what I've seen. They need to match clans with other clans and fix the lag issues by dropping people like your friend from the party and you would see alot less of it.



              You also have to factor in cod is alll about me now for alot of players. there k/d means too much to them so they just bail.

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                  Re: Host Selection

                  connection issues:


                  people iinsult others for having a bad internet connection when it is almost always just a bad connection to the host. if someone is on wifi and has a bad connection it will not affect you, they will just lag and eventualy time out. just because a person is on wifi doesnt mean they have a bad connection, i have wifi and never get disconnected unless the host disconnects or leaves the game. i have played countless games that proove that other peopls connection to the host does not affect yours unless it is the actual host that has the bad connection.

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