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    Trouble with Gold Launchers?

      Not a complaint - more seeking advice.


      1) SMAW (inaccurate as hell)

           * need 5 double kills - have 1 so far. What is the best mode/map to accomplish this on?


      2) FHJ

           * need 10 player controlled scorestreaks. Best mode/map?

           * I see maybe 1 match for every 100 where someone actually uses a player controlled scorestreak, so it's taking FOREVER


      3) RPG

           * haven't attempted challenges on this launcher yet - waiting until after I get the 1st 2 gold.


      Are people getting these gold by boosting??


      Sidenote about launcher damage:

      * I usually only play Hardcore and for some reason the launchers don't do much damage at all. Whether it's next to an enemy or shot into a room - all I get is a hitmarker.

      * Why, if a launcher can shoot down a UAV or CUAV thousands of miles up in the air, can it not destroy a sentry gun with one shot from 20 yards away?

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          Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

          I JUST posted the exact same thing about damage in HC, I just rpg`d 2 guys together from behind, and none of them died and im like WTF!


          Regarding your troubles > a few tips from someone who has gold fhj, gold smaw, and just got my 100 kills with rpg, now just need 10 impact kills, 1 kill from a car (dafuq), 5 double kills and 1 triple, i`ll be working on these for the forseeable.


          It can get very infuriating, so just keep the FHJ  your secondary on all classes, and use when needed, its very opportunistic as to when they appear (the streaks) - so just let it happen. Id play domination to get these as thats where the parties are, who killwhore, and the scrubs who use care packages, plus flag cap xp helps bad players get streaks. MAKE SURE YOU RUN COLD BLOODED  coz there`s nothing worse than someone getting a vtol and you get killed by it before you can shoot it down. Remember, dragonfires and rcxd`s count. as do lodestars, and vtols. Also the AGR/Sentry gun,  IF its being controlled by a player.


          The SMAW, i used as a primary, with no other gun - use scavenger, as it replenishes the 2 nades , and if you get on a streak your laughing, use lightweight too. . Play FFA to get the 100 kills, then drop into domination to get your double kills, hang around the B flag, or vacant flags, use tac insert if needs be, smoke can be your friend here too - smoke a B flag at the start of the game, sit back and unleash a smaw nade into the dust. Got numerous triples that way Stay to the small to medium maps. Standoff is perfect when you start from the A flag - cap A at the start, smoke nade the B flag and go into the building, aim the launcher at the car (thats now smoke covered) and cross your fingers The clip thats in nintendon`ts new montage, I do that, and the explosion actually made me jump when  the car went off.


          The rpg im planning on doing as I did with the smaw, but the damage doesnt seem as great. The triple may be a problem, and its trickier to use than the smaw, so it might take a while. Ive got my 100 kills, now im going to keep it as a secondary on all my classes, coupled with fast hands, and smoke, and play the arse out of domination until I get gold.


          I have a class I titled GOLD, and I use this for whatever weapon im trying to get gold, so id have a fhj class with blind eye/cold blooded/fast hands and C4 - to C4 myself when my 2 shots have been used. Usually takes 3 to take down a lodestar, and if your the only anti uav guy on your team, get your 1st 2 on target, and then wait to die?? Nah, C4 your self, respawn , and take that bad boy down!


          Same with the other 2, unless you got scavenger (im not even sure RPG gets resupplied, havent unlocked yet) - you dont want to be wasting time killing guys with your gun, when you need launcher kills. You can get the 100 kills in 4/5 ffa games if you get the right lobbies

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            Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

            Hijacked is a good game for looking for aircraft. You can just be a human SAM turret walking around and grab some popcorn as everything pops up. (Thats in dreamworld)

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              Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

              I used to play domination a lot to get those double kills with SMAW and RPG (even got a triple kill by accident).


              Hijacked is a good place for double kills since people like to camp on the B flag and sometimes VTOLS,Lodestar and other high score killstreaks appear and AGRs too! You just need a good enemy team that gets them constantly.

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                Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                I only need one f..... Dragonfire to get FHJ in gold. It really takes like forever to gold the launchers because you are dependent on other players scorestreaks.


                About RPG one guy wrote he got the last golden kill by taking down an airplane, but if you try don't forget to aim in front of it.

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                  Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                  I cannot  count all times I've been shot by an enemy whole aiming on a Dragonfire, shot by the Dragonfire or even locked two shots and the damn thin somehow survived. And often when a Dragonfire show up I have the wrong class. I have several time run out to be killed fast to change class but that doesn't often work. Lol


                  But IMO they show up more often in Domination than TDM. More killstreaks overall there.

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                      Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                      I just need 1 airplane, 4 doubles and a triple for the RPG gold , thus unlocking diamond. The triple is gona take loadsa luck, the airplane might be tricky, the doubles will come soon enough.

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                          Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                          I heard some chatter about killing 2 players with a gun and then the 3rd with the RPG to get a triple (if you can do all that quick enough). Same with doubles - kill 1 with a gun, swap and kill the 2nd with the SMAW. Supposedly it doesn't have to all be with the launcher as long as you do the last kill with it.

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                              Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                              No I did that before and it didnt count. Im not sure if you have a certain amount of time to get the 3 kills, OR if you have to just have the 3 kills in a row in the killfeed.


                              Either way I just got my diamond launchers Took 8 shots to drop an escort drone Luckily there were no anti UAV guys in my team.


                              Tip for you regarding triples - smoke the B flag at the start, and fire blindly at it, twice , quickly. You might not get the triple straight off the bat as flak wearers are protected unless its direct impact - but you will pick ups doubles and singles, and the 2nd nade will clear the flak users. Use the cars near the B flag too, aim at the one on standoff - thats quad central


                              Regarding the aircraft one, wait for a vtol, stealth chopper, or escort drone, and you have to be quite close to hit it as the missile swerves more than a banana in pyjamas   Its a 1 hit kill for the vtol and escort, 2 for the stealth, unless its already damaged by someone else.

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                            Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                            Use care packages and thrown them to the enemy - dragonfires show up loads in care packages

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                            Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                            I have diamond launchers, in fact its the only diamond weapons I have.  All the tricky challenges I did in domination, since its easier to send out scorestreaks and people huddle up at flags.


                            SMAW double kills: shoot it at B flag or any flag theres multiple enemies capping.


                            FHJ: again, just play domination.  Lots of scorestreaks there. (Dragonfires, VTOL, Lodestar all count)


                            RPG: aircraft kill...its easier just to wait for a VTOL, 1 rocket kills it and its a BIG target.  Triple kill, I had problems with it till I realized triple kill didn't mean 3 guys with 1 rocket.  You can actually kill 1 or 2 with one rocket, reload and shoot another one and kill 1 or 2 more, as long as its 3 enemies killed total.


                            Perks that help, cold blooded and scavenger.

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                              Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                              I got my Smaw gold by playing Domination. Just wait for a few people to try to capture a flag then blow them away.

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                                Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                                oh dear god

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                                  Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                                  MTAR is done so now I have 10 golden guns.













                                  and only one farting Dragonfire from FHJ

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                                    Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                                    I got my triple kill to get my RPG golden by killing 2 people with C4 and using my RPG on the 3rd guy. Fast hands helps with that and flak jacket to survive the blast radias. I still need 8 more player controlled streak kills to get my FHJ gold, it just takes forever.

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                                      Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                                      Finally got FHJ on Gold by taking down a Lodestar. I was dumped into one of those Domis where players leave and well, I'm glad I stayed. Have been waiting for that last one a long time!


                                      How is the RPG, it has been everything from overpowered to crap before. Does this version have any balls?

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                                          Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                                          It does damage if close enough, great for protecting in domination, or as protection when capping. Not so good from distance, and the further away you are , the more it swerves off target. Reload isnt the quickest and there`s no way of speeding it up.


                                          That being said, its my chosen launcher, and great for trolling in SnD.


                                          I played on cargo last night, stuck with a team of squeakers who were getting owned, 0-3. So we start round 4 and I just lie on the top crates near A dom flag, wait till all my team are dead, and just waved my diamond rpg around infront of of me so my team could see it. I sat there for what seemed like forever with the bomb, until 20secs to go, I hop down, plant. go back up and listen. As soon as I hear the defusing noise, I pop up and unleash a rpg shot FTW and a double kill.  Did the same next 3 rounds running and we won 4-3 , last round at 3-3, I was 1 v 1 and gambled on where the guy would plant. Soon as he started planting I blew him a new arsehole I was tempted to ninja defuse but bottled it

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                                            Re: Trouble with Gold Launchers?

                                            Cheers 4 adding me btw - as I dont mind 1 or 2 allies to play with in the daytime when your online

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