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    Map pack ideas! (One free DLC like MW3 did and a weapon only DLC) (Yay or nay?)

      Lets be honest, we all liked the idea of weapon DLC. I was shocked to see Treyarch actually listen and do this for Black Ops 2. I personally love the Peacekeeper SMG. Over 1500 kills with it already and still going strong. MW3 had more guns in it than Black Ops 2 had at launch. Maybe a weapon DLC consisting of one AR, SMG, LMG and Sniper? That way you have a little something for every type of player. (Note: This wouldn't found as the promised 4 DLCs for Black Ops 2.)


      Why not a Black Ops remastered 2025 map pack for free for the community? Firing Range, Summit, Jungle, Radiation 2025 would be amazing. These are some of the most voted maps from Black Ops 1 and were also some of the best designed. Enough cover to stay alive, but not enough to camp the whole match. A throwback map pack would definately make people pretty excited to get to play the old maps in a newer fresher version with these new scorestreaks and guns. Personally, i'd love to use the Lodestar on Firing Range! (Note: This also wouldn't count as the 4 promised paid DLCs that are for Black Ops 2. We already got Revolution, so 3 more.)


      What do you think? Yay or nay?