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    i hate die rise

      die rise worst idea of a map yet. if you havent gotten it all ready. then don't. it sucks

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          1. Re: i hate die rise

          Please list the reasons why you hate it so we can either make fun of you for whining or can agree with you and make you feel better

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            2. Re: i hate die rise

            its effed up. 1. You can't call the elevators
            2. sometimes with full health you will go down if you fall in shafts the way your supposed too.
            3. the map is too small. its not really suitable for four people.
            4. i like how its harder to get perks but between rounds i don't wanna wait 15 min. just to find juggernog or 3 min. just waiting for it to get to my level.
            5.there really isnt that wow factor that i loved to get in black ops 1 maps like for example the power room in tranzit was like wow thats cool or in shangri-la where we got all perks to last forever.
            6. the major easter egg doesnt have very good puzzles like they have had in like major easter egg ma


            1. after killing a person i want enough time so i may actually shoot the gun before they can kill me so i have a chance to kill the next zombie

            2. the pistal at the end sucks. its like almost impossible to kill them with that and you need it for the trophy

            3. i have to knife the zombie twice? thats luck if i even knife the zombie once. like seriously whats the chance of me killing the zombie with a knife? 

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              3. Re: i hate die rise

              dude you don't have to be a jerk

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                4. Re: i hate die rise

                You can call the elevators you need to find the key.  And the map isn't big enough for 4 players?  You can probably for like7 maps of nacht inside die rise.  Not sure how big you want the map to be.

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                  5. Re: i hate die rise

                  Small and not suitable for 4 people? Ive found at least 4 places to run trains lol. And just as many places for whole teams to camp.


                  I just dont think youve learned the map well enough. Its a badass map imo.

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                    6. Re: i hate die rise

                    O.o huh? no.... 90% of the map is filled with wall to wall with just enough space for maybe 2.. three if lucky  its like trying to survive on the bus..... constantly... and no again.... the elevators can be called once then you need to go back to the beginning and fall down the elevator and pick up another key.

                    the in between rounds take too long. i want the map to be more about zombies... isn't that what its about anyways? its not called the waiting game and zombies. they should be more focused on new types of zombies rather then making a challenging optical course.


                    honsestly i dont recommend this map to anyone

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                      7. Re: i hate die rise

                      get to round 40 with proof and show a video in each location



                      im not bad at the map just only found one spot to run circles up to round 30
                      in the buddah room.

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                        8. Re: i hate die rise

                        don't you guys agree with anything? or do you think some one should dedicate their entire life to zombies just to get high rounds.

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                          9. Re: i hate die rise

                          Lets just say it's a big disapointment. Community expects more and Developers aren't giving it to us.

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