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    They attempted to ruin camping. Then made it worse but have ruined the middle level of playing...um...

      I have NO issue with campers and I find people on here to be incredibly rude towards people who play this game, but camp.


      As we all know.


      Call of Duty BO2 has attempted to ruin camping. However, while it is slightly harder to camp and many will agree it is slightly harder to camp. They've ruined the middle level of playing e.g. the person who doesn't camp but doesn't rush. Who prefers slowly moving or holding down a zone.


      I find this quite sad.


      It seems you have two playstyles.


      1) Run and Gun

      2) Sitting down


      I feel this game has only left you with two boring playstyles. I get more thrills from camping. Now I don't usually but becuase run and gun has became an awful method of playing after 3 games and camping isn't as easy as it was. You do get more of a good time playing camping like that you do run and gun because the game is basically run and gun friendly.


      I usually liked sniping and that has been ruined beyond repair. I like slowly moving around the map but I have guys spawning behind me every 5 seconds or to the left of me.


      Do you know what is stupid. I was using a loadstar at the back of Hijacked and the enemy spawn just infront of where I was lying down. I had just finished so naturally I killed all of them...


      So yeah, this game has become boring.