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      i played about 40 games tonight (no life), my party and i did not see one random host migration all night during the pre-game lobby. i was selected host every single game (70/15 dl/ul), which was great because we did not get one loss due to someone timing out, what ever you did treyarch please keep it the same and keep improving on it. thanks.

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          If you were picked as host, and did not quit, there would be no migration...


          Did I miss something?

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              I get chosen as host plenty of times and get booted from the match  because of it.

              I have average connection on this game but can't handle host too well, but it still chooses me anyway.

              The match starts and as it counts down i quickly hit select and see im hosting, then as the countdown

              hit 0 it goes to host migration then I get booted from the match whilst the rest play on with a new host.


              I don't understand why it still insists I host so much

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                yeah, my point is that the game is no longer picking random people as host like before in the pre-game lobby. it is now picking the best connection in the lobby. my party and i are no longer experiencing 5 host migrations per game.


                before 25.637.15 it was choosing players like bootleg636 here and the game would crash because his connection could not handle it.

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                host migration only happens when the host leaves.


                since you where the host well ..........


                next time also be the host and stick around when you are by yourself 


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