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    The back fire challenge appears to be broken.

      I've got 21 out of 25 kills done, but I've been wondering how come it has taken this long for me to do so, after all, I like to grab an SMG or Remington from the gound and show the people how fun it is to be the one being taken down in less than 1 second.


      Well, I killed a player who had MP7, took his gun and thank god because of the lovely respawns, I got to kill him 3 times in a row, each time he had the same MP7 with bloodshot camo.


      Now after the match I went to see the barracks and I had no progress, not even a 1 new kill for the challenge, still 21, now it should of been 24.



      So the challenge works whenever it desires or what, did I do something wrong, is the weapon supposed to have a clan tag or emblem on it while this is being done, I took someones golden MSMC that had an emblem on it and killed the guy once, I got progress for the challenge, but why didn't I get the MP7 kills?