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    Black Ops 2 Stats Reset

      My BO2 stats have been reset and I don't know why.

      The link to request the restore of the stats is not working, it tells me to link my account to my Xbox LIVE Gametag, I've already done this.

      The phone support is closed on saturday.


      I've lost a additional class unlocked with a prestige, 20 unclock points as I am (and still am, and this makes this thing even more RIDICOLOUS) at Prestige 20 Level 20.

      All my weapons are locked.


      This is ridicolous! How can a company like Activision lose all my stats (this is the second time btw) and have a website with broken login system? I didn't pay 70€ to lose 30h of gameplay, and I'm totally alone! I event dubt that someone is going to answer (or read this message) on this forum!

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