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      I noticed it first time yesterday while playing Kill Confirmed, there was a player on my team who was playing just normally, but then all the sudden he started to walk around and he was turning in the same, walking circles and that's it.


      At first I thought he was just messing around, but then when he did it for the remaining 3 minutes and was just being killed, I started to think if he really sees something funny about it, well I ended up thinking he is just some guy who had stop playing and didn't leave the match.


      And now, today, I've seen at least 3 players to have this problem, walking around doing circles, looking around the sky and thats it.


      I was confused about it, but then when I got to play Hardpoint, it happened to me as well, now  I figured that this is nothing new, maybe my cursor just went off from the sensor bar, the behaviour was exactly like it, but I didn't get the red cross showing that my cursor is away from the range.



      I tried to take off my batteries, put them back, but nothing, not even when I was killed, only way to make it stop was to grab the gamepad, log into the match with it and then just leave and start the console again.


      Since the gamepad worked fine, I assume this is Wiimote only issue, I didn't have low battery, there was no sun light blocking the Wiimote and it just started all the sudden without any reason, usually when this stuff happens, it's enough if you remove your battery and start the Wiimote again.



      Might be that it has nothing to do with the game, but if you could check this out, it would be highly appreciated.



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