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    All of you who suffer from rubber bullet syndrome/lag issues/pdw takes 10 to the dome to kill a guy/UpNp

      Have you tried playing on `BEST` in the search options, and turning off uPnP in your router?


      Ive done both today, ive tried using assault rifles for the xtra damage, and the games playing really well, better than ever, sure a few BS moments, but all in all a great day so far. Im using the an94 and its that deadly it often feels like the guys dead before I pull the trigger!


      Bear in mind im playing at euro primetime and the US guys arent online yet, so this could drag me down again, or find games harder to come by, but so far so good regarding connection. Ive been a constant 4 bar


      On a bad side to this, I keep getting lobbies who are full of French/Spanish/German parties of 2-3-4 players, and though im destroying them singlehandedly, boy do they love the cheesy stuff (No, not sperm, well maybe they do I didnt ask), but there`s lots of lmg target finders out there, and guys who just sit near flags in corners waiting to kill you when you cap - and I mean these guys NEVER move


      Maybe if we all played on BEST, it would stop lots of lag issues all round the globe