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      Hello guys at Treyarch wanted to ask you a small favor, if you could derankare me on black ops (1) pleasure, you may ask me why, I will say it now: I entered a makeup Parthia died and I came out first then non-I remember thereby Xp lobby, then saw the rigged game came out and I found myself at level 1 with-point, now I'm stuck I can not go online to play more because if I click on a random mode tells me to unlock level 1, I do not know anymore what to do please help my level was 38 without prestige, thanks for reading. PS: Help me; (PPS: v I also leave my video so you understand that I'm not telling lies (I beg you to help me I want to replay black ops) [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTHA5OjrmPw]