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    Black ops 2 Zombie ranking system

      Well what I've figured is that most people just post random theories about ranks. But what I know is that the tally's mark how many days you have consecutively played zombies. As you might of noticed people with skulls with blue eyes on their emblem also have 5 tally's. so this means that to get blue eyes you must play zombies for 5 days in a row. The tally's go down for every day you don't play. For example if I play for 5 days and skip 1 day, I will have to play for 2 days to regain all 5 tally's. whereas the actual emblem is based on how many kills you have compared to downs and deaths. I am not certain what ratio this has to be in though. At the money I have 17,000 kills and 150 downs and I am on the first skull. I have a 113 K/D. My friend has less kills but is a higher rank than me. He is the skull with the knife. He has 15,000 kills and 50 downs. Which is a significantly higher K/D of 300

      If anyone knows the numbers please reply and let the community know