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      Fix the matchmaking!  Why am I in a lobby with someone that's rocking 2.20 K/D?  Make the game fair pls. There's enough people playing this game that you can make it fair.  Idealy I'd say a .25 variance with K/D's. SPM isn't a concern, because this doesn't take in account campers.  K/D covers it all.

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          Rise to the challenge.  Even the best have bad games every now and then. 

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            K/D doesn't mean that people are better or worse.

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              High K/D doesn't always mean they will beat you. Like Jayson said, rise to the challenge.


              Played yesterday with a kid (I call him that cause he talked non-stop about how awesome he was) who had a high SPM and K/D. He was on my team the first round and did come in at the top. Second game he was on the opposite team on Meltdown and ended 10-21. Of course he accused us all of "camping", which was nonsense since we flipped the spawn several times through the course of the match.


              If you want to get better, you play against strong players. I say get rid of the skill based matchmaking and go back to random. How can you improve if you only ever play against your own skill level?