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    ATU - are you having server trouble?


      The past 2 nights, the lag has been horrible. I'll try not to sound too whiny, but it's been crazy bad. I get lag every now and then, but holy schnikes.


      What's happening:

      1) In ADS, gun twitches from left to right continuously

      2) After sprint, gun twitches from left to right and stops

      3) Turn, then ADS while turning - camera locks more than usual

      4) My player freezes altogether

      5) I will start crawling, even though I didn't tell it to go prone

      6) I will move without touching my controller (wiimote)

      7) It says "prone blocked" (or whatever it says) when I'm not prone

      8) I press "B" to fire and nothing happens

      9) Switching to secondary weapon sometimes doesn't work and if I press the button, say, 4 times then stop, it'll wait...then cycle through primary and secondary real quick


      I'm not having router trouble, connection is great, and still experience problems when I reset my router. My NAT is open and wiimote batteries are fresh. I am set up via Wii LAN adapter.


      Chatting with other players, they are experiencing lag too and server disconnects. I haven't had any disconnects yet though.


      It wasn't this bad after the patch, so I can't think that last patch caused it. So it must be a server problem? Are you all downloading too much porn?





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          Too much porn.  What's that mean?  It's like too much money, there's no such thing.

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            Well 5 and 7 indicate that you are constantly trying to go prone. It says prone blocked when you attempt to go prone in a place you shouldn't, like up under an overhang you would get stuck under etc. Idk everything you describe screams interference between controllers and sensor bar. Is everything clean, like no dust or bad fingerprints? Sensor bar connected tightly? My best guess. Would've said dead batteries but you say they're new. Edit...no clue about the player freezing.

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                Nope - everything is clean and connected


                #5 - means I am standing and all of a sudden start crawling without telling it to crawl

                #7 - means I am standing and it says "prone blocked" as if I were prone, but I didn't tell it to go prone and, well, I'm standing, so it shouldn't say that


                So something is bypassing the controller and telling the game I'm trying to do something I'm not. Very strange. I know I am experiencing lag when all of this happens. But could it be a controller at the end of it's life? Lag? Server issues? That's the question I'm asking...

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                    Is theres a source of natural light (i.e. open window) between you and the sensor bar?  Long ago I used to have similar problems in MWR and I discovered that having the window next to my TV open was the issue, so I always have it closed (where no light comes in from it) when I play.  Have never had that problem again.

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                        No Happened during non-direct daylight and also at night.

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                            how near the sensor bar are you?

                            i use a 20 inch lcd on my desk but it to near to the sensor bar so i use the on on the game pad.

                            also check the sensitivaty settings in the wii u menu, i found that the futher away you are the higher you need it.

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                                The sensor bar is on top of my old 55" plasma which is about 9 or 10 feet away.


                                If I remember right, sensitivity goes to 5 and mine is set to 4.


                                The equipment seems sound and there isn't any other IR interference. The problems I listed aren't constant as a whole, but each of the problems occur throughout gameplay while I'm experiencing noticeable lag. That's why I didn't think it was equipment, but rather something to do with the game.  It started 2 days ago and has yet to go away. There are matches where none of the problems occur, but that's maybe 10% of the time. The problems show up at their worst when there is a player with 1 bar connection in the match. But the prbblems also occur when there are 3 bar connections in the lobby. Other games on my U so far work as they should. I didn't want to brush off the fact that it could be equipment and I didn't want to come across like I was just bashing Activision - but I just can't figure out what it is.


                                Thanks, though :/ Very confused!

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                            When it says prone blocked you should be standing, and can't go prone, hence prone blocked.

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                          I press B to shoot and nothing happens too. Sucks when I'm running shotties...wait what am i talking about? It sucks always lol


                          Also the game will allow me to go prone even though it says prone blocked....


                          I also have had multiple disconnections usually on zombies. Can't get into any Grief matches and if i do i just get kicked out almost immediately....Its fine on Multiplayer for the majority of the time though

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                            Hey M4GNUM - are you UK?