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    Sentry, AGR and Dragonfire, nearly impossible to get kills.

      I don't understand it, these things all seem like bunch of good streaks, love the AGR, too bad that I threw it away since I already finished the challenges for it.


      Now, I still need that remote controlled Sentry challenge and the Dragonfire, but the problem is that even though my cursor is right at the enemies, I don't hit them, not a single marker, with Dragonfire I've gotte few lucky kills by going right infront of the enemies, today I got one from high, but I was shooting right next to the guy, not directly at him.


      Is this a Wiimote only issue or is it the same on the Gamepad, well dragonfire is horrible to control in general with the mote, but still, they're all rather high streaks, you'd think they'd be better.