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    Would it be possible to add more scorestreaks in a pack?

      Would be awesome to get a couple more low scorestreaks so that ppl who's less skilled can enjoy thte game.

      And also a couple more high scorestreaks for the skilled players.


      The low:


      Flash Strike

      150 points (Hardline pretty much doesn't help you get this earlier.)

      Mark a spot on the map - A plane then drops a big Flash Bomb in the area, three times the radius of a normal flash.

      Assists are worth 50 points.


      Scanner Sweep

      200 points (Hardline pretty much doesn't help you get this earlier.)

      Sweeps the map once and shows enemies on the map for your team to see.

      Assists are worth 25 points.


      This way, less skilled players would feel the awesomeness of scoresteaks more often, and stop struggling to get even a Care Package.


      The High:


      Rocket Turret

      1150 points

      Like the Sentry Gun, but this turret fires slightly homing rockets at your opponents.


      Fighter Plane

      1275 points

      A Fghter Plane that fires air to air only missiles - taking down enemy air support via several strafe runs.


      Strapped Dogs

      21 000 points

      Attack dogs strapped with explosives.