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    Join a league clan

      Official CLAN NAME: THE~EPIC~420

      Clan leader: Modified10R

      Looking for league players mainly but most welcome!

      Request to join & I will approve almost IMMEDIATELY!!

      Clan tag:420

      Log into Elite on a computer or iPad & type in this address:


      Or type in clan name under players in clan HQ on elite website


      Rules are simple for leagues

      Change motto: TO (League 420)

      just be aware of your k/d during the game mainly league games,if you get below 1.0 k/d start following a better team mate for support or slow down....we want to win in leagues do whatever is necessary to win winning equals rank up!!!


      Also Need more members to participate in clan ops & challenges  For this I don't really care about K/D, just as long as you like to play join my clan and have fun.

      Please communicate and no trash talk lets be a legit clan

      This clan just started but will grow rapidly please join and stay you won't regret it.

      also you can download elite app for all ur stats for the game from App Store really nice on the ipad