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    I got super killer medal.

      It was so cool, TDM, Plaza, had 57 with Silencer/tactical knife, rushed at the enemy team, killed them 4 SMG users, that did their face **** attack, with the knife, stab, run, stab, run... got into panick dance with the 5th guy and hipfired him with meh pistol while he was spraying like crazy, ran trough the door and while my screen was all bloody and ****, I stabbed the SMG user that just spawned there and was spraying me.






      But then my happy moment was slightly ruined when I noticed that I didn't get the frenzy killer which requires 5 kills, the challenge system sure is taking things literally.


      Well, the skull is nice, just felt like sharing what being pissed off can do to your gameplay, thank you 3 american try hard ******* with your lovely strategy, call me a noob when you're the ones spamming EMP/Concussion/Flashbangs so there is no way anyone can kill you with your diamond camo SMGs.


      I just had to share.



      YOLO!!! SWAG!!