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        100. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

        ghamorra wrote:


        You never hear a camper complain about a camper, that's because campers know how to kill other campers. It's not hard. The reason people complain about a camper is because they don't want to take the time to slow down and think. If their target isn't inside their crosshairs then the person is camping

        That would be a new thing, a camper complaining of another camper! Good response G'

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          101. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

          Way too much whining about camping. Do people camp yes but not remotely as often as some claim. The only campers that really annoy me are teams/clans that set up a perimeter and camp so they basically have to look down one choke point and wait for their opponent to poke their head out.  If you are doing that as a team you might as well corner camp the doorways.


          Most complaints (yep the vast majority) are because someone owned them.  Because you don't run out in the open doesn't make you a camper. You move and engage at the most effective range of your weapon and if you use a sniper rifle that's long range. In my case I use the MR-28 and SA-805 with an ACOG which means mid to mid-long range. If your opponent doesn't let you get close enough to hip spray him with your SMG doesn't make him a camper.  

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            102. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

            I always feel like giggling when I hear campero. I don't know why but it strikes me funny.  I actually was and still am the idiot that learns his way around by running headlong into danger.  It's not a strategy for those that care about there stats though.  And it's not the best way to play any COD.  I just learn the maps and routes faster by doing that and once I have them down I do things quite differently.  I slow things down on the maps where a slower approach works best and I run full tilt on the maps where that style is most effective.  But I'm not concerned in the least about what I'm called for how I play.  I do what works for me and if I've done something to irritate the enemy enough for them to start coming up with creative (or not so creative) insults then I consider it an honor that what I did bothered them enough to feel the need to try and upset me.  Call me a camper.  Call me a headless chicken.  But at the end of the match I'm the one that's not feeling bad about his performance.

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              103. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

              People now use the word "camper" as a put down for anyone who has killed them, it no longer means camper. I don't have a problem with campers at all (as said it's not cheating and they've paid their money), it can get annoying if the same camper kills you over and over, but the key is to forget the revenge kill, because they're waiting for you.


              What annoys me is getting called a camper even though I'm clearly not, my style is to hold down an area, that's not camping. I'm okay at it and it does annoy people. I got some guy messaging me the other night because I was holding down the strip club on Octane, he kept coming back for me and didn't have dead silence on, what did he expect me to do? Anyway he didn't accept my 1v1 suggestion! ha ha.

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                104. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                i am guilty of this. every now and then i will accuse the final kill cam person of being a camper. it is funny how defensive they get. every now and then i get accused of being a camper and i have fun with it. my point is camping is not a negative thing, it is merely a strategy that most of us hate to encounter because we feel like we had no chance. the point of any game is to win/have fun and if camping improves your probability of winning/having fun more power to you. in ghosts most campers i have encountered are lucky to get a kill on me, and if they do i return and very rarely do they get an additional kill.


                to the op, CAMPER!   (as a joke, please dont ban me activision)

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                  105. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                  I haven't played COD since BO1 and there must of been some bastardisation of the term because now on Ghosts i've been labelled a camper a good few times and this is while run'n'gunning/rushing with a SMG ?

                  Im thinking either the term has changed or thar somebody has seriously mislead the new kids..


                  Camping for me is that dude who sits in the 1st floor of the bakery in Warhawk, leaning around cover, aim fixed at the door, not even bothering to look for kills out of the window, various equipment layed out and intends on staying there the entire match. I have played games where my entire team, unknown to each other, hid in that room leaving only myself on foot. I did enjoy the opportunity but come on now..  and how many matches where the entire opposition is divided into the three 1st floor rooms of Warhawk.


                  What kind of boring, f'd up game are we trying to entertain. It grinds everything to a halt and my gaming experience involves me playing stupid games trying to root out these *expletive* a-hole *expletive*. Maybe they should just let me know when they are ready to come out and play, i'll go and hang out somewhere for a bit.

                  Which leads me on to a point, camping is selfish. It means you sit on your ass while i have to come to you. Well howabout i go and sit on my ass on the other side of the map hidden in a random corner ? Right ? Nothing happens. No game, no nothing. Howabout f you

                  There is though a fine line that gets confused imo, holding a strategic position that is actually involved in the game flow, objective and traffic, just because they are ads and waiting, shouldn't be considered the same as the previous example i gave. Its something more defensive in nature.


                  This reminds me though, i'd like to make a request to allow more bullet penetration at various spots as a good way to root out those campers or at least make them sweat.

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                    106. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                    i always say, do what ever it takes to win within the rules, if you have to camp then do it,  everyone plays for fun and majority to win,  id rather have someone play their best on my team than doing something because the other team or even a teammate thinks its dumb.  ill take the win every time.  if you have issues with a camper just out smart them, cod has got to be the harshest on campers when every spot has so many ways to get to you, i remember maps all the way to the original half life that you had 1 maybe 2 ways at some places and all the laser mines around.... heck even in halo with  all the glitch spots...you can go on and on.  SO why is it cod that people complain when we have it the easiest vs campers anyway

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                      107. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                      Izjar11 wrote:



                      Why is camping a cheap tactic?


                      If everyone camped, the game would never move forward. The timer would run out in a draw. Campers are exploiting the other players in the game who are trying to keep it moving.


                      "Campers need rushers, rushers don't need campers."



                      You are correct, if everyone decided to stay put things would get boring but we all know that this never happens, and if two teams decide to coordinate that then we all know its just dumb. I like your closing comments, Ghamorra wrote about ying and yang this is similar to that.




                      This is partially true but here is truth that run and gunners ignore. Players that use the longer range weapons don't need to get as close as players using SMGs and shotguns for their guns to be effective. So if I use a marksman rifles (or sombody else uses a sniper rifle) why would I try to close the gap to make your (not you lzjar specifically) SMG or shotgun effective? I will engage my opponent at the most effective range of the gun I use. When I play someone using a sniper rifle I try to close the gap. And if you want to use a short range weapon, getting into the range you need to to make that weapon effective is your problem.

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                        108. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                        XBox Live weighed in on this today...


                        Xbox @Xbox 1h

                        Camping: Legitimate strategy? Or cheap, annoying pseudo-tactic? pic.twitter.com/8F3qTP2SUa

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                          109. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                          Unreal Tournament   Party like it's 1999!

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