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        30. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

        Not many which is why I said earlier a easy tactic doesn't always result in sucess. In this game there are usually 2 or 3 ways into every building, there are lots of flanking routes on these maps and the spawns are attrocious, scavenger resupplies tacticals and lethals, explosives are good in this game and 3arc nerfed ghost. imo it's easier than ever to find and kill campers and I honestly don't see why people are still complaining about campers. News flash people campers will always camp so rather than complain learn how to deal with them.

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          31. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

          Im_A_Drag85 wrote:


          bottom line ____________________________


          why play the same way all the time??  is that fun for anybody over the entire season of a new COD game??


          If anyone uses the same playstyle all of the time, i can almost bet that they are the ones who give up on the game before the seasons over.  I think this particular COD title really encourages gamers to use all sorts of different classes, streaks, and playstyles.  Maybe all of the whiners and rage quitters we face are the ones who think everyone should play how they play....maybe?

          Good answers,


          Fun is what this game should be first, and I agree 100% doing the same thing, over and over will get boring (no matter who you are) quickly. Again good response.

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            32. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

            SOL = So out of luck I presume.


            And ghost is not "broken" its actually a result of endless complaints about "camping" but not broken.

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              33. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

              To answer the question: One would have to define "camping"


              If one defined camping as sitting an an area too long, then the answer is no. But that definition is way too vague.


              1 - sitting in a corner waiting for someone to rush by: easy, but not very effective

              2 - sitting adsing out a window or at a window: easy, but not very effective

              3 - setting yourself up with your flanks covered and shooting at people: Harder, and can be very effective if you are always watching your flank, and relocating.


              When you see someone playing like 1 or 2, if you kill them people typically think "what the hell are they doing!?"; if they kill you one typically thinks "damn camper, I am going to go back and mess him up!"...


              The problem: they are not a 1 or 2, but they are a 3:  They kill you. One goes back for the revenge kill but they are no longer there: They are somewhere else with their old position staked out.  They kill you again. You get frustrated and make a charge back for them (dying a couple of times on the way because you are too focused)... when you finally get there they are not where you think they are and they kill you again.


              People generally hate the 3rd camper style of play, which is the most effective style in the game (like it or not): you are not so hindered by lag, you have the enemy coming to you, etc... To do well, you cannot play foolishly and it is not "easy"...  You outsmart your oponant and they hate you for it.


              9/10 times I see higher streaks called in... they are being called in by people I have barely seen the whole match.  Not saying you cannot achieve higer streaks by running the map... you can do this but it is too lag dependant no matter your skill level.

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                34. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

                I avoided "defining camping" because only writing about it can we define it. But in the game, there is no definition, its either you were "running" or you were "camping" that's how people see it in the game. Even then many will confuse one thing for the other.

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                  35. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

                  I play hardcore. I play hardcore because people actually die when you shoot them, there isnt constant radar so you know where everyone is and and to me its generally more challenging. But on this game it has turned into every other game mode. I didnt see 10% of the UAV I see now in the previous games because Ghost made you a GHOST if thats what you wanted, wether you were running or sitting still. Whats the fun in knowing (without having to actually use your head) where the majority of the enemy is, it takes away from the part of the game that actually required people to think, which is probly why people QQ so much about campers.

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                    36. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

                    Did you play on PC?!?! If you did, my camping a$$ with the "buzz saw" (MG42) must have been mowing you down! lol God I miss that gun.

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                      37. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

                      Well, to me, a mixture of rushing and camping is the best. Be cautious BUT pounce on any opportunity to attack head on. People simply here the word "camper" and I bet 1 million dollars that everyone has a different interpretation of what it means. I mean, think about the word noob. It started off as meaning a newbie or new player but what does it mean today? It's all just video game slang and we really shouldn't take it personally IMO. Everyone is there own person/personality who grew up in different circumstances so we will ALL approach a problem differently. It doesn't matter if it's a video game. It applies to everything we individually do.

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                        38. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

                        It all depends on who you are playing IMO. If you can get away with ADS on a doorway the whole game, good for you (this is the cheapest form of camping IMO) but the strategic campers are the one's that grind people's gears because players will get killed by them once and think, "I have this guy figured out" and they will try another approach only to find that they have moved and countered there counter attack. That's strategy my friend. A good camper is ALWAYS anticipating the enemy's move, none stop. This is why the SC's (Strategic campers) are MUCH harder to kill and cause lots of rage! Just my two cents....

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                          39. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

                          Really want to piss people off?


                          Gather 'round childrens, and I'll tell you a little story:


                          I made a class with an LMG + Target Finder as my primary, and a Shotgun with Laser Sight as my secondary.


                          I was playing Kill Confirmed on Slums, and I used the LMG with TF to work my way to the dark room with the big hole in the wall (I'm sure you all know which room I'm referring to). Once there I'd switch to the shotgun, and camp one side of the doorway until someone walked in and BAM!


                          Then I'd move to the other side of the doorway and wait for them to come back and BAM!


                          Then I'd move to the opposite corner and wait...BAM!


                          When I finally did get killed, I'd switch back to the LMG + TF and work my way back to the same spot! Lather, rinse, repeat!


                          I can only imagine the rage that this inspired (unfortunately, I had everyone muted at the time). After all, not only was I shamelessly camping, but when I wasn't, I was using the dreaded Target Finder that people seem to hate so much! Muahahahahahaha!


                          Good times!

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