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    why wont ghwt work on windows 7 64bit?

      i have purchased guitar hero world tour as i love the game i install it on my pc with more than sufficiant hardware to play the game with and all i get is an windows error saying guitar hero world tour has stopped working with the event name appcrash! please help i am desperate to start playing like when i was younger

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          you have notebook? if yes your video card is too bad, i think you need to update you video card drivers, if you have PC, i think video card is too bad (again lol) buy new card.

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            You are trying to run a 32bit program on a 64bit OS. You could try installing in in windows xp mode. Right click on the installation file then go to the Compatibility and check the box and select which mode you want to try to install it in. Or if you already have it installed try running it in 1 of the XP modes. Same deal (right click on the program then go to properties and then compatibilty. I would try service pack 2 mode first. Hope that helps.