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    Flack Jacket , Engineer & TacMask

      Just a little discussion about these things could be fine.


      Lately I've started to quit using Ghost, it's been very useful 4th perk, but now that I've finally found a weapon that I can play with without worrying too much of getting sprayed down, FAL .


      Well, I started to use the jacket and I've got to say that it's pretty damn good, no more deaths because of constant explosions around me, it has made me realize that most of the time I die in those tricky situations because I get blown away by lethals.


      So this is pretty good perk IMO.



      Engineer, haven't used it too much, even though it would give me the feel of using Stalker while having stock on my weapon, I've noticed that the ability to see the equipment seems to disturb me, it's useful, but mostly when I try to rush trough the equipments I get sprayed down by campers, same goes on when I try to destroy them, I just end up being spotted and killed.


      So it's another useful perk, but seems like that it's better for me to just crouch or rush with the flack jacter trough the equipments causing an explosions and killing the confused enemies. It just feels as if Engineer would lose it's purpose, unless you're dedicated to find and destroy the equipments.


      TacMask, only used it once on Domination, got my first stealth chopper and warthog with it, I remember how I rushed at the B flag, got shock charged and shot down two guys with the AN and captured it, if I remember correct, the charge didn't really do anything to me.


      This perk is pretty much a question, I don't find it useful at all, yet apparently I could use it since lately I've been getting in matches full of Concussion/flash/EMP spammers, I hate how cheap the flashbang is on every damn FPS and Concussion seems to last too long on this one, I think it was perfect on BO, wasn't it shorter at least?



      Anyway, to me it looks like that there is one perk that is good to have, but is made useless by other perks on each class.


      I think that they should of combined Marathon and Dexterity, TacMask and Hardwired, Blindeye and Cold blooded and leave the Cold blooded's no name or red crosshair when targeted for the Ghost.


      Your thoughts?

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          Re: Flack Jacket , Engineer & TacMask

          Personally I run with tac mask and flak jacket all the time just because i'm paranoid of getting killed by a random barrel, which usually happens even with flak jacket. But when you run both on the same class you almost feel unstoppable because you can take out the shock charge/betty users with more ease. Plus it is also very useful in domination if you are an objective player.

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            Re: Flack Jacket , Engineer & TacMask

            I <3 Flap Jacket

            If you want to run through equiptment, it's better if you use Engeneer because enemies are less likely to know you ran through the equiptment. With flap jacket they'll get a hitmark.

            I <3 Tac mask. You'll like it a lot for game modes like domination, KC, and CTF.

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              Re: Flack Jacket , Engineer & TacMask

              I don't know how people die so much from lethals and tacticals. They hardly phase me. I die much more to bullets, so Toughness is a must. I always use the following perks...


              Hardline... Why? Because it won't save your life, but it will get you more streak rewards.


              Toughness... Why? Cause flintch plays a huge role in 1 vs. 1 unless you play HC.


              Scavenger... Refills my C4 and Black Hats, along with bullets. Side note, if my friends are using scavenger, then we can collect each other bags.


              Engineer... Obviously to see mines, SHOCK CHARGES, and any other stuff to hack. Almost always use it to reroll packages, and stealing packages is just a sweet bonus package kill.


              Weapon attachments... It seems like the best 2 attachments are the silencer and the extended clip. Silencer prevent you from getting shot in the back a lot, and extended clip gets you more multi kills that normally would have gotten you killed trying to reload.


              This is just my opinion.

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                  Re: Flack Jacket , Engineer & TacMask

                  I havent used toughness since i got the card for it, utterly useless perk imo and totally overrated, you die so quickly in this game that you dont ever see the effects of it, unlike focus from MW3.

                  Moreover, you arent saved from snipers or shotguns, or guns that have ridiculous times to kill, like the B23R, Skorpion etc.


                  The only time i would use toughness is on snipers, and maybe on LMGS if i'm camping long range.


                  As for the other perks, Flak jacket and Tact mask are almost necessary for objective modes like hardpoint, dom, demo etc but arent useful outside that, unless you find someone spamming RPGS or concussions/ your camping somewhere (like a plaza roof).



                  Engineer i find totally unecessary as well, and this is from someone who runs around. Dexterity is too good to give up and im usually using perk 1 greed, so theres no room for it. Shock charges are a minor annoyance, betties can be ducked and claymores... well i can just use flak jacket for that.


                  It seems to me that both IW and tryarch both dont know how to balance perks properly, some perks you always see but some are just either flat out useless or so situational its hardly worth using them.


                  Hardwired is practically useless since EMPs are never used, CUAVS can be shot down and emp nades are annoying but not that annoying, plus i dont need my minimap anyways (and you still cant call in scorestreaks when the emp is up).


                  Fast hands is pretty bad to, i never run a secondary so its useless there and C4 doesnt need fast hands, automatic not use for me.


                  Cold blooded is "meh" not really worth using a slot on especially since scavenger exists.


                  Blind eye is situational as hell, it protects you from 4 things 1 of which is common (Hunter killer) and 3 which arent common at all (Stealth chopper, escort drone and swarm) and even then you can just go inside a building and have blind eye for free, i mean its not like buildings arent plentiful in this game.


                  DS/Awareness - no need to say why these are useless.


                  Ex con -  whilst its not useless, you are pretty much forced to run dexterity alongside this, thanks to the CQB nature of the maps, and hell no am i giving up perk 1 greed for that. Needs more sprint also, i was thinking unlimited sprint, but Cap the flag players hate it, maybe 3 times sprint would be cool + faster recovery and maybe faster dropshotting would be amazing..... dropshotting kids is so fun when they rage over the mic xD


                  When i find myself building classes its usually the same formula, 2 perks from teir 1 (usually not lightweight, never blind eye), scavenger and usually dexterity. Hopefully they make some of the above perks more useful over time, doubt it though.

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                  Re: Flack Jacket , Engineer & TacMask

                  If you don't have engineer, then you can't compete in this game.


                  That's why the first 14 levels of a prestige are so painful for me. You can see the betties everywhere which would be enough, but no, they put in the pro part of stalker pro.


                  BEST PERK IN THE GAME.


                  @OP Might try out flak jacket now. What tier is it in?

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                      Re: Flack Jacket , Engineer & TacMask

                      First tier, as for the betties, the only problem I've got with them is that sometimes I don't get the sound for them going off, irritating and sometimes when I've made it away from the range, I still take damage, it's like claymore was on BO, if you had no flak jacket, then 99 % time, even if you actually ran away from them they still got the kill, which was unfair if you ask me.


                      The most annoying Betties are those that are placed on the stairs, ugh, if you've got no flak or engineer then bye bye.

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