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    Tutorial for those having trouble with Head Glitchers


      I know how some people hate what they call head glitchers. I hate them too even though the terrain and placement of items on the map art intentional for people to use as cover.


      So I have creates a short video on how to deal with EVERY headglitcher out there, and I promise it works.


      Plus I also have a great double kill with me throwing a grenade thru a small hole in a window from the side. I am actually pretty good throwing a grenade so I would like to show off.


      Enjoy the short tutorial.



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          Where's the tutorial? All this video shows is you getting a double kill with a grenade and then getting shot by a head glitchig camper that you then kill with a grenade. Point is, you already knew he was there and you died before you killed him so it's not really a solution.


          How do you throw grenade at the glitchers on Raid where your grenade will just roll away?

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            Nade spots for headglitchers?


            Cheers for the tip

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              All this time and you don't know how to embed? lol



              Hehe thats one way. Its also just knowing the popular glitching spots and strafing around pre-aiming at those spots. I get more headshots or kills that way. Completely takes them by surprise.

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                Simplest way is, in addition to what drewish said above, memorizing the invincible cover locations and aiming at headshot height.


                The two perhaps worst cover spots to try to shoot people are the Round knob on hijacked at the corner near the outerwalkway up from the stairs bottom side, and the cardboard boxes you fought at in the 2nd part of your video.


                However, both are easy to kill the enemy with the right weapon and aim.


                Here are some weapons to use that will demolish people using cover if you know how to preaim for quick headshots:


                - Fal

                - SMR

                - m27

                - m8a1

                - Snipers

                - mk48

                - LSat

                - Hamr


                Rockets can work sometimes, as can Grenade launcher. Crossbow with the 3way attachment works well too. However these depend on the environment around the cover spot.


                If you weapon is not on that list...I would suggest not trying to kill someone from a distance who is behind cover, as they will always have an advantage due to your recoil problems. You can still try, but it will be risky even with preaim if you use a different weapon.


                Never EVER, try to preaim with SMGS. Only the chicom might be able to headshot them before they kill you.


                I generally find that people who complain about "headglitchers" don't tend to use any of these weapons, or merely are camper-style players who can use cover to kill people, but have crap reaction and thus cannot kill people who use the same cover in turn.