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    Dare to Share?

      Vultures. This game is full of them.

      Vultures is the term my clan and I use for people who constantly go after friendly Care Packages. They are really annoying. What are your thoughts with these types of players?

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          Re: Dare to Share?

          I don't mind if they go for it when I die or if an enemy is about to take it, but when they run over to it as soon as you throw the canister and push you/get in your way to get it, its annoying.

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            Re: Dare to Share?

            Going off on a slight tangent, but sort of the same topic, rerolling care packages.


            I rerolled a teammates Hellstorm to a VSAT and he was angry, i sat there and was like "are you for real???" @_@ seriously, who wouldnt be happy with that.......


            Then again some guy did re-roll my CUAV into a stealth chopper, I gave it to him because i was feeling nice.



            Last time I called in a CP was november time, i stopped using them after that...

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