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    My suggestion for challenges to unlock gold

      First off I will say I play h/c k/c and seems like every other lobby has a couple of boosters in it these days. Last night was terrible. for those of you that would say it doesn't effect me, I say it does when they are constantly putting up high scorestreaks it ruins the gameplay. For those of you that will say report move on I answer this way. Thats exactly what I do report write down their  gamertag and then track them on Elite and nothing ever happens.

      So to my point there seems to be alot more boosters in this title than previous titles and I believe the best way to fix the problem is to change the challenges to achieve gold camo.

      My first change is the headshot challenge. They need to just pick a higher number and just make it kills. Its obvious that this is the challenge that is being boosted for the most just by watching the footage.

      The only other challenge that can really be boosted for is the bloodthirsty and my suggestion for a change would be to make it kill every enemy on the opposing team without dieing. This might be more challengeing than bloodthirsty so maybe drop it from 10 to 5 times. It would be alot more challengeing to boost for this one as the whole other team would have to be boosting which then it truly would not effect me since I would not be in that game.

      These are my suggestions would like to know if you agree with them.

      I do not believe they should remove the tac insert as that is a legitimate stategic device for some game modes.

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          Re: My suggestion for challenges to unlock gold

          Don't punish legitimate players for the sins of a few. Its better they just better enforce the booster policy. Plus, we as a community need to shame these people as much as possible. Boosting should be considered on par with hacking/modding and shouldn't be accepted at any level.


          I like the way the challenges are now. I play honestly and have gone through the grind, its a good one.


          I do agree the Tac Insert is not needed in game at this point.  Get rid of Split-screen on MP as well, used by too many as a boosting tool.


          If you increase the challenges you just increase the boosting. They need to better enforce the policy.

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              Re: My suggestion for challenges to unlock gold

              I agree with this 100%. With the exception of splitscreening. I see no reason me and my wife should have to buy abother zbox and tv just to be able to play together. Short of that well said.

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                  Re: My suggestion for challenges to unlock gold

                  because split screening makes you worse, unless of course, you are playing on a 65 inch TV so cutting that in half doesnt actually do anything.


                  how many lobbys do you dodge JUST BECAUSE you are teamed with a split screener? they are notorious for being worse players, either because it makes it harder to see all the action because you only use half of the TV, or because its a 14 year old has to play with his 8 year old brother or he gets grounded


                  split screen needs to be taken out of the game, simple as that


                  if tyou want to play with your wife/husband/brother/friend, go play the campaign and play co-op, if thats an option, (never played campaign) if not, treyarch isnt very smart letting you use half the screen for mulitplayer but not campaign?

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                      Re: My suggestion for challenges to unlock gold

                      Actually it isnt bad even on a 42 inch tv. And no i dont avoid lobbies with split screeners in them. You would never know me and my wife are split screening as we uave seperate tags. In HCKC one of the 2 of us is always in the top spot. When we playin groups its mainly me and my wife dominating (me mainly but she has insane gameplays where she blows me out the water lol). Most instances we win so no it isnt that big of a deal. I do notice a little more lag on our end when we do but nothing gamebreaking unless its already horrible lag. No one in are parties ever notices worse lag with us split screening either.

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                  Re: My suggestion for challenges to unlock gold

                  yeah the boosting is way out of control.

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