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    Let's Talk -  Stuff going on in Zombies at this moment, Die Rise, TranZit

      I wanted to discuss some things going on in Zombies, such as my experiences on it today, and other things. For one, my good friend and I did a run on Die Rise, where we found the nav card (the new white one). We decided to keep going back and forth from TranZit and Die Rise testing things out, to no avail. (As neither card goes in the TranZit nav table at the corn field). We then decided to build the Die Rise nav table as well, and successfully did so, then inserting the OLD nav card from TranZit SUCCESSFULLY into the Die Rise nav table. We then went back to TranZit again to see if the nav card went in this time, and again nothing worked. But before we did that, I got another nav card behind the lava back at Bus Depot, where you find it the first time. So currently, Skyler (my friend) has the white nav card, I have the original grey nav card, and a different grey original nav card is in the Die Rise nav table. We have not done any of the "Tower of Babble" easter egg stuff, nor the Die Rise continuation of the "Tower of Babble", whatever that might be. We were wondering what everyone else thinks about all this, and would like a big discussion to start up. Any ideas, experiences, or anything you have PLEASE respond! Thanks . We also are going to try and do the Tower of Babble on both sides (Richtofen and Maxis) tomorrow or some other time. Again, please respond with whatever you got. Find us on twitter @sF_OVN and @Hetrick0708 and on YouTube at SpartanGaming365