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      Maxis Diary


      Entry #10, Study 0804


      Though our matter transference tests at the new site have been largely unsuccessful, the teleporter's malfunction has nonetheless yielded some interesting data.


      The fact that the test subjects departed from their point of origin is undeniable. What is uncertain is what became of them. Dr. Richtofen is insistent in his belief that hey have been transported not through space - but through time. In the absence of empirical evidence. I myself cannot entertain such... madness.

      I fear that the good Doctor's increasing irrationality may soon prove a liability to our endeavors...




      Sorry for no screenshot, but this is exactly what it reads.


      I wanted to start a discussion about this because the other two I found were didn't address the topics in Maxis' New Diary.


      1. "The New Site" <-- Could this be Der Riese? We know that the Hellhounds were created there, but was the New Group(Marleton, Misty, Russ, and Stu), a part of this experiment? Where would they have been all this "time" between Black Ops 1 and Now?


      2. "Test Subjects" <-- Also, indicating more than one is an obvious, but he says SUBJECTS. This indicates that they could be a group of willing people, or are being tested on against their own will. Thus, being called Subjects.


      3. "The Teleporter's Malfunction" <-- How has noone talked about this? The malfunction of the teleporter was sending objects/subjects into another time or space. First was Sam's pregnant Fluffy, who in turn changed into the First Hellhound. Second was apparently these Subjects during Der Riese(or Kino because of the Random rooms it puts you into). Maybe this was what triggered the mass attack of Zombies in Der Riese, forcing G935 out of Der Riese.




      4. "the good Doctor's increasing irrationality" <-- This seems to be around the same time that Richtofen comes into contact with the MPD(Pyramid on Moon). When he starts to really lose it and start to hear voices. He is losing it in Der Riese, but not to the point of killing Maxis yet.


      So if we can assume that it is Time and not Space they/we have been traveling through, we could link the new characters with Moon and that actually being the Test site.


      ALSO, it is worth mentioning that Russ talks about "that little girl"(SAM ), some project he was involved with(I think it was Black Hawk Dawn or something), when he Packs any guns. Listen to him, he reveals that he was just as involved as the other characters/subjects.



      Thoughts and Comments?



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          Re: MAXIS DIARY ENTRY 10

          These diary entries are in relation to events that happened during/before world at war zombies.


          The new site- not sure but I believe it was Der Reise (not die rise). Which was a place that Hitler set them up with to test 115


          Test subjects- he tested on MANY people but when talking about the time travel. This could talk about the previous group (Tank Takeo etc) or other subjects


          The teleported has malfunctioned PLENTY of times. In fact the original teleported had 3 outcomes a) they would teleport through space or time (later found out to only do this with 115 immune individuals) b) it turned living tissue to goo c) the living person would be  turned into a mindless zombie-esque creature. It wasn't until the US got the teleporter did it work properly (seen in 5)


          He tried to kill maxis and semi succeeded already. This was when Rich locked Maxis and Sam in a room with the first hell hound (fluffy)


          Oh and Sam is Samantha Maxis. Dr Maxis' daughter.

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              Re: MAXIS DIARY ENTRY 10

              Can I delete this? No?


              That's a great thought. Too bad you should have put it in another Discussion and not in mine.


              MAke sure you do know what you are saying and not just thinking it's accurate. PLEASE.


              ***** ***** **** sakes kids.


              and also:


              "He tried to kill maxis and semi succeeded already. This was when Rich locked Maxis and Sam in a room with the first hell hound (fluffy)


              Oh and Sam is Samantha Maxis. Dr Maxis' daughter."


              You're retarded.lol


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