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        Excellent Point and well stated. (PS3 players feel like "Ginger step children")


        It also makes me wonder... so, these Forum Mods "don't work for them"... does that mean our rants here in the PS3 forum are seldom, if ever, even read by the devs who "can" fix the issues?

        • 21. Re: PSA: Patch notes have been updated. (PS3)
          • Addressed an issue where game sound would be replaced with irritating, weird garbling sound.
          • Addressed an issue where children could duplicate a boosted account to use in public matches.
          • Addressed an issue where the PS3 system would freeze, disabling all controller functions and forcing a "hard reset" resulting in the system checking and restoring the file system.
          • Addressed an issue where parties would be disbanded for no apparent reason, then showing the "reconnecting to party" screen for 1-2 minutes.
          • Addressed an issue where infinite loading screens would appear at various locations throughout the game including Theatre, Emblem Editor, Create a Class and Combat Record.




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            Sure, there could be more but, based upon how many stat/rank reset posts we see on here every day, I'd say that fixing that could be considered a serious issue that this patch (hopefully) has addressed.



              • Resolved a known issue with stats resets caused by a failed save process, indicated by receiving a “Persistent Rank Data has been corrupted” error message. Further information can be found here on the Customer Support site.


            As someone who has fallen victim to this in the past, I know I'm happy to see it fixed, that's for sure.


            (Just saying: it's not a completely pointless patch)

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              What sucks is when that happened and you weren't using the PDA to even be able to capture it! Man did that suck. At least the disappearing care package issue has gone away. That one was just.....terrible!

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                Ah... someone who sees the truth.


                Shall I call you Neo?




                Seriously though. I just did a google search on "Freezing Black ops" and there are pages and pages of how the PS3 is freezing..one would assume they are aware of it, but there has been not a lot of evidence* that they are doing anything about it.


                I do not follow every tweet that Vahn puts out, but if he said something about it, I am sure someone would have mentioned it.

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                  Now that would be an awesome patch. 

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                    • Addressed an exploit where players could gain XP privately without matchmaking.

                    Could this be there way of explaining the duplicated booster glitches being fixed?

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                      • Addressed an issue where Theater mode didn't save all of the users games.
                      • Addressed an issue where lag compensation would negatively effect the host causing host migrations (host now has advantage so you shouldn't see to many, if any host migrations).
                      • Addressed camera angles where people can see over objects/out of doors but the opposing player can't see them.
                      • Addressed Cold Blooded where the target finder cross-hairs would still glow red if a player with the perk equipped walked into there path. The cross-hairs no longer glow up red if Cold Blooded is equipped.


                      That's all I can think of for now

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                        Do not forget:


                        Addressed an isisue where one cannot join a party and gets sent back to the main menu for no reason (usually works on the 5th attempt)


                        Addressed an issue where some members of a clan cannot use their clan tag (usually works anywhere from 2 to 20 attempts)


                        Addressed an issue where innocent words are being flagged as profane



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