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    LMGs need a buff??

      IMO they need a slight damage buff. Or maybe just remove the damage drop like they did in MW3.  When IW did that it made the LMGs usable again.  It didn't make them OP just more of a level playing field. 


      How the LMGs are now, they take around 4 registered hits(hitmarkers) to get a kill at range.  I feel that is a little unnecessary since the gun is heavy, you have less distance when running, reload times are very long, with/without grip the gun jumps around even when burst firing, and ADSing takes longer than every other gun. 


      I am trying to get the LSW gold and after extensive use I feel that is one of the LMGs that needs the damage drop off removed.  It takes 6-8 hits at range when suppressor is applied and to me that shouldn't be happening with the LMGs.


      What do you guys think?

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