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    2PRO recruiting 2.0+ KDRs

      The clan:


      My PSN: CallMe-Shooter

      Clan tag : 2PR0 (Level 10, but have Tp4u gold)   -I am considering clan tag change after 2 years...-

      Founded on December 13th 2011. ALWAYS has dominated (Only good players + original players are alowed, few clan member friends allowed)

      Website: Twopro.weebly.com  (Ignore the clan roster, most of them are not/ will not be in the clan anymore)


      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

      Well, I had an account with 2.15 KDR / 1.05 WL, 8 days of gameplay 9th prestige, 650 VSATs, 220 swarms, 200 K9 units and counting...next day it got hacked randomly. So i can not use this account anymore (Just explaining my low level).


      My new account has a 3.40 steady KDR / 0.90 WL - 10 hours of gameplay, level 50. My current set up is VSAT - Warthog and Lodestar.



      Just a small confession: I NEVER dashboarded in BO1, but I have on BO2 a lot (20 times ever in my now-gone account, around 15 times on my new one)

      To be honest I won't dashboard unless I don't like the game i am in (Shotguns,already getting owned and joining midgame, too many campers that wont move)

      I won't dashboard in the near future, once i have a day or 2 of gameplay. (I don't dashboard if I lost fair and square)

      So you will notice me dashing a few times during the day (I usually do good though)


      I am OKAY if you are a dashboarder, but if it's in excess, then don't bother joining. You made a new account on your choice, I didn't...


      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------

      I am starting the clan over starting today (Leader quit because of me wanting to plant the bomb or I would go solo next game, he planted, then quit haha)

      I have all my original players, including a guy who joined the first month the clan was made (Yep, i've known him since December 2011)

      I'm a nice guy, don't worry. I pay attention to ALL my players. Saying that, the clan would only be up to 75 members, I will get to know all the clan players.




      -Under 1 day of game play (3.0 KDR, 0.70 WL)

      -Over 2 days of game play (2.0 KDR, 0.60 WL)

      -Be online most of the time, join parties or be our OFFICIAL HOST (I can't host parties due to connection, so I need someone to host us)

      -Be over 13 years old (And mature, if you're a trash talker...no...)

      -Visit the website atleast once every 2 days. This is MANDATORY, get to know people on the website, clan list will be updated mostly everyday. There is a chat box on the website in which you can chat with other people on it (Most are from the clan) When i say visit the website, actually talk on the chat for a bit! I am on it EVERYDAY, so if you need something you can talk to me there.

      -Use supportive scorestreaks


      If you only care about your KDR and not winning or supporting the team, this isn't the clan to join.

      If you do not use one of these scorestreaks, don't join either. (UAV - Counter spy plane - VSAT -EMP)

      If you do NOT follow directions, such as "Don't plant the bomb" don't join either. (We usually use objectives to get our scorestreaks)

      Dashboarding a few games = OK    Boosting = Automatic kick out (If you already have it's fine, but you have to prove you are actually good. During clan boosting...youre out)

      Master prestige players HAVE TO sign up on Elite. I will have to check if you're legit. (Elite clan link is on our website)


      I do NOT go for kills, i go for objective.

      We were/are a 2.0 KDR clan who 95% of the time win games.


      Hope to see you guys soon!   -I will accept few 1.90 KDRs, NO LESS-