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    Are you excited about the new patch?

      Figured that I would make another one, last time we seemed to get some interesting thoughts and opinions.


      I once again, feel like a child on a candy store, I'm having high hopes for the Wiimote and well, that is pretty much it.



      What is it that we know about this patch so far, what is it supposed to do, will there be anything done for the connections, any weapon balancing, *cough* make those ******* quickscopers cry blood *cough*.


      Any information?



      Oh and please, this time, don't mess things up like with the previous patch, that was, irritating.

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          1. Re: Are you excited about the new patch?

          Look at the xbox patch notes. This is mostly a zombies fix and mp wise, it just buffed toughness and nerfed the guardian in hc. Of course, we'll have our own wiimote problems fixed as well, bringing back wiimote AA ,marking the return of wiimote supremacy. In summary....i dont care. Gameplay wise, it fixed nothing, connection wise, nothing, and the wiimote is fine now..at least for me

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            2. Re: Are you excited about the new patch?

            If it fixes the wiimote ADS lock and Wiimote sniping sway, than yes.

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              3. Re: Are you excited about the new patch?

              Not really. Nothing really exciting. The Treyarch MP team is so damn out of touch with what the community wants.


              People want louder footsteps to make Awareness/Dead Silence viable perks, toned down SMGs/Snipers/Pistols, nerfed target finder, higher TDM score per kill, a reason to play league play, and lag issues fixed for the people having problems among so much other stuff....



              What do they do?.....buff toughness and nerf the guardian in HC LMAO. Who the hell out there was like "Man the Guardian sure is overpowering and toughness sure is weak" Seriously...WHO?!  Hahaha...Treyarch cracks me up some times.

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                4. Re: Are you excited about the new patch?

                Its funny because now all these mlg f*gs are turning on vahn.

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                  5. Re: Are you excited about the new patch?

                  * Balance all controllers - Treyarch, get someone who can actually use a wii remote to test and compare by playing games against a good DA player. 


                  * Fix Lag compensation by giving ALL players a chance


                  * Nerf target finder


                  * Nerf quickscoping - too easy for people to run with sniper rifles and pick off people without even aiming properly.


                  * Nerf Pistols - dont know what you thinking making them more precise and deadly than SMG's


                  Im sure I'll think of others

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                    6. Re: Are you excited about the new patch?

                    If it's too easy to run around with a sniper, lets see you do it with your gamepad and pull a 3KD+ game...

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                      7. Re: Are you excited about the new patch?

                      Yeah - no need to nerf quickscopers. 1) I don't see them hardly at all - way more prevalent in MW3, not here. Plus they're easy to pick off once you do run into them.

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                        8. Re: Are you excited about the new patch?

                        I love target finder. I rarely switch primaries from FAL OSW with target finder, makes squaring off against snipers fair.


                        I honestly don't think that ANY of the items/weapons in this game need changing/removing. My preferred loadout is:


                        - FAL OSW with target finder and stock

                        - overkill wildcard

                        - Scorpion EVO with rapid fire

                        - flak jacket, fast hands, and extreme conditioning perks

                        - sticky grenade


                        This game's all about balance. If you don't like being outgunned in close cause someone's dual-wielding automatic pistols, make a different class. With my setup the FAL gives me great long range, while the rapid fire Scorpion is lethal in close, but the clip's empty in 2-3 seconds so I've got to make it count, and medium range the FAL's semi-auto nature leaves me vulnerable.


                        Don't like target finder? Use cold blooded. Cold blooded is the bane of my long-range existence but it's valid perk and I have to give credit to anyone who uses it. The whole point of a 10 item class system is that there is no perfect balance, you have to sacrifice something somewhere, and at least you can make multiple ones so you can switch between them if you're ever getting overpowered by something specific. Items are the least concerning part of this game, AA is the worst thing on earth and needs to go...

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                          9. Re: Are you excited about the new patch?

                          Get the MLG/competitive leagues off LAN and onto internet like the rest of us saps. Then you'll see connection issues fixed quickly.

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