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    Looking for new clan bo2 xbox

      looking for a clan that actually plays online in ground war and various game modes. Not picky on clans just want to stop playing solo in lobbies since i cant get good games and its killing all my ratios!!

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          Re: Looking for new clan bo2 xbox

          Tired of running solo? Want to join the fastest growing clan on XboX 360? HaZe Clan is now recruiting players of a skill levels. We have over 50 active players and membership is increasing daily. On the competitive side we have multiple active Gamebattle and League squads with players who work together and win. On the community side we have unique and fun in-clan tournaments and events with rewards and prizes that you will only find here. If you are looking to get more out of Black Ops 2, then what are you waiting for? Join us today before recruitment closes.


          HaZe is a well respected and feared clan. No drama, so only 18+ mature gamers please...




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            Re: Looking for new clan bo2 xbox

            how old are you?

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              Re: Looking for new clan bo2 xbox

              Hey BackFlash27, you should check out Warrior Nation. Let me tell you a little about us:


              The Black Ops 2 section is recruiting active gamers who want to be part of a team and really enjoy Black Ops 2  to its fullest extent. Team play turns to wins which as we all know makes any game a thousand times better.


              I am a long serving member of the Nation. We have around 1500 active members spread over 60+ games in all genres and platforms. Everything from MMORPG on PC to FPS on xbox and everything in between.


              We cater for gamers from a mature 13 and over and our average gamer age is around 20-21 years old. We hold regular game nights and tournaments in an open friendly environment. Of course we have some epic gamers in our midst who should be checked for cyborg implants but likewise (and like myself) we have a large eclectic mix of average level gamers. Our Elite Clan is level 15+.


              Active members are on every night and regularly hop into any and all game modes available.


              If you are looking to find a home away from home and really find yourself immersed in a world of gaming then hop on over to http://www.warriornation.net.


              If your interested in joining a clan that is active in so many games and on the forum then come visit the site at http://www.warriornation.net and post a message in the Neutral Grounds forum. I check both everyday.


              My user name is WNxChaotic.


              My gamertag Is YWFNxChaotic.


              Feel free to contact me via PM on Xbox Live and don't forget to take the time to come on over to our site and take a look around.


              Best Regards!



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                Re: Looking for new clan bo2 xbox

                Join The Super:NOVA's We are an advanced elite quadrant of skilled players who always have each others backs. There are 4 total Co-Leaders ( 3 available positions for Co-Leaders) for the Nova Counsel.

                1. The War Nova Counsel (Taken)

                2. The Planning Nova Counsel (Available) - In charge of in game tactics and future strategies

                3. The Law Nova Counsel (Available) - Creates Laws/ Approved by Leader WhiteFireNova

                4. The Management Counsel (Available) - Reports any negative actions in clan. Also picks you leaves clan (with valid excuse). And is in charge of training Rookies.


                Now the Requirements:

                1. !4 years old or older

                2.If you do decide to become a Co-Leader, you must change your gamertag to have Nova at the end.

                   (Not required for regular clan members)

                3. Must be on at least 3 times a week. You can be offline if you have any form of excuse.

                4. We don't accept applications if you are not a team player. Or complain about the game.

                5. If you change your gamertag to anything, you must inform Clan Leader.


                6. Make an email to communicate with each other at www.Outlook.com Your email should look like this.

                example:     yourgamertag@outlook.com

                if you change gamertags you need to change emails.

                We also like for you to enjoy having some fun.

                Thank you for your time!

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