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    I think Shotguns are impossible.


      I have 20,432 kills and 24 downs. UM...That's a 851 k/d ratio. If that's not good enough I have made a round 40+ run now 6 times in a row and still stuck on skull/knife. I play with others and I do all I can do: Open every door and revive everyone no matter what. I think the only thing I don't do is go for headshots. I only have a 9% kill/headshot ratio. Sliquifier baby. I know that no one knows the ranking system, but I mean come on, mabey someone that has shotguns can compare my stats to theirs. I don't understand this madness. I don't even know why I want shotguns anyways. I know that once I get them, their gonna be a pain in the ass to keep and they reward you with nothing. Dose this make me crazy. I think I'm crazy.