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    The next generation map design...


      Hi guys. With the most talked about event on the horizon I just wanted to know what you guys and girls really wanted from your next generation maps? Small tight exciting maps, big open battlefield style maps (say you dont!) or just middle size. For me, all my chips are on the cod 4 style...medium size, but open, unobstructed and simple to navigate, with several buildings that give high advantages! But one things for sure...lets have a couple of classic small maps like rust or shipment!!!

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          I prefer bigger maps my faves being overgrown and afghan,for me mw2 was the high point of maps but overall a good mixture 1 chaotic shipment-esque map and an even spread of small medium and large, none as big as bf maps though as it seemed like a running/driving sim with the odd shoot-out to me (each to their own though)

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              I agree Ellix, too much like a sim with bf. cod shouldnt go that way. What makes it cod is the fast paced excitement and multiple targets per map. However, by fast I dont mean player speed, just big map views of several targets at once, constantly spotting people. I do think the actual player speed on black ops 2 is too fast. Good fun if theres not a lobby full of rushing kids with daggers.

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              I'd like to see a map that changes during the game, one where routes, choke points and access changes to keep players on their toes.  So for example, one minute you might have an open door to a building that you can get inside but later it's locked and another building is open instead.  A moving, changing more interactive map.


              With all the maps we have now the action always happens in the same place game after game, by moving things around mid game you might also change where the flash points are.  They could have done something like this on Cargo by having cranes pick up containers and move them around, or was that far too complicated for Treyarch?


              Very little happens in the maps we have now, very little moves, virtually nothing is interactive and it's made them become boring very quickly because they are exactly the same as the last time you played it.

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                I'd like to see them do things with the maps that make them more dynamic. Charlie Intel had a thing during MW3 that showed a gameplay but it was mirrored so everything was backwards and I thought it was really cool. Another thing I wouldn't mind seeing is things like placing bomb sites and flags in different locations. It would add some more variety to each map and make each game feel fresh.

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                  actual BIG maps

                  favela type map


                  NO REMAKES

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                    I think they feel pressured to make each new game feel more fast paced so I wouldnt expect anything too big.

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                      I prefer the map styles found in WaW. Larger, but the envirmonment and structures create a variety of long, medium, and CQb gameplay.  The maps can also support the war gametype.


                      This super fast paced stuff now is not very fun to play. I play after a long day of work and there is no way I have the energy to constantly keep on my toes with these kids with a flame under their rear.

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                        smaller maps.  i want to play 6v6 in a shoebox.

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                          The way I see it we could be looking at:


                          If 3arch is desperate to increase the # of DLC's sold, they would need to consider including a small shipment / dome varient.  For some reason these are always the crowd favorites.


                          There was the old tweet from Vahn about the remake of Castle never making it into BO DLC, so that could be something too.


                          While I was not a huge fan of graphics, I really admired the original WAW maps.  A little bigger, open, but with enough CQC areas that SMG fans were awarded too.

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                            I would like epic sized maps, where there is less run-n-gun and more tactical long range gun play, where aim becomes more important than just sprinting around a corner trying to surprise a person and then gun them down with a smg.

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                              Two words...... Destructible enviroments!!!

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                                Personally I prefer small to medium maps, but happy to mix it up. I really didn't get on with the enormous Battlefield 3 ones, although I did enjoy the destructible elements and in contrast to my original line the game mode where you moved through the level to new areas.


                                The way you interact and navigate through maps is very annoying in CoD, been the same for years. Highlighted brilliantly with the the new Encore map, some boxes you can climb on, many you can't. The way Brink managed this was very good, maybe a little to hectic with running up walls, but still the rough direction CoD should be taken.


                                An finally environmental elements and hazards should play a much larger role. The train (copied from GoW) was a nice start, as was Hydro river. Anything that changes elements of maps up mid game, even on occasions forcing players out of their camping spots. Moving lava too . Weather that does something would be cool, the tower in Studio should sway in the wind, making sniping up there slightly harder. If you stare down your scope too long on a snow level your lense should start to fill up with snow untill you move. Stuff like that.


                                The new technology should open up loads of possibilities. CoD desperately needs a new engine though and more interaction.

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                                    I would love to see them bring back more of the interactive maps like they did in Blops1. I'm not sure why they didn't bring em back as much as they did when Blops1 had released with like half the maps or more having things that would interactive with you (Or vise versa.)


                                    Maybe the "Pros" cried that they couldn't hear when the Rockets or trains were coming which is understandable, but it was still a fun feature non the less.

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                                    The map design from MW2 and Blops 1 were the best. Medium sized maps that were fairly open.

                                    The design from this game and MW3 just aren't as good. Every map is just filled with clutter and loads of places for people to "head glitch".

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                                        I'd like Call of Duty 4 maps, they offered alot more options, sniping, close range and a bit inbetween on all the maps.


                                        All the buildings could be cliimbed on, which made them much more interesting.


                                        I would like to see more movement, I think the new cargo is rubbish coompared to the lifts in hotel and expected more.


                                        I would like to see weather introduced and I would like to see a night time map, and also a map which changed from day to night and night to day.


                                        But I would also like to have a Battle fiedld such element where you move on, introducing that into CTF would be  nice,

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                                        you will get very similar maps, except they will look prettier.

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                                          Yes to COD4 maps, and yes to climbing buildings and obstacles... no invisble walls crap (only on map boundaries)

                                          If I see something that I should be able to climb I should be able to climb onto it.. Ambush from COD4 was a perfect example there were so many awesome things on that map. (I mean I did get 200,000 kills in COD4 the maps must have done something right).


                                          Example COD4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mME00FbYuOw


                                          Compared too Bo2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKjoZDmt2To


                                          Ib BO2 I can't jump onto a lone garbage can not becuase its too high, but because someone on the deveoper team decided that no one is supposed to climb that random garbage can... WTF I WANT TO!!!!


                                          I think this is a joke but it shows how exciting these things are in BO2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bje1gb7pge4