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    Need people to lead my clan! (A 2.0 KDR+ clan)(You help start it up again!)

      We were a COD clan for PS3. Clan name was 2PRO...(Want the clan to be Domination/GroundWar/Chaos Mosphit)



      The Problem:


      • My PS3 is broken, so I will not be able to lead for atleast 2 months.
      • You may have to start the clan from scratch.
      • Some 2PRO members may not want to join the new version of the clan.
      • You will need to recruit your own players!
      • Need someone who can record games, a Youtuber!



      What I need:


      • Person(s) who will be online mostly everyday
      • Person(s) who are good leaders, and are respectful to people in every manner.
      • Person(s) who will go to the website everyday (mostly everyday) and update me on news and new players.
      • You must have over 1.90 KDR and a good WL ratio.
      • Someone who can record games (HDPVR and make a Youtube channel for us)
      • A great player who recruits other good friendly players in the match.


      If you are up to the task...


      • Come visit our current website [Twopro.weebly.com] (A new, more improved website will be made soon)
      • Go to our chat, and wait until someone gets on and say you are interested in helping lead the clan.
      • OR you can reply on here, and tell me why you should lead the clan



      Just a small history of us: (12/13/2011 - 2/22/2013)


      We have gotten 75-0 on a TDM match in Black Ops 1

      We were a 2.0KDR+ only clan, very few exceptions.

      Loyal members who have been in our clan for over a year

      We have been #1 clan for top KDR on callofduty.com weekly once http://prntscr.com/piexd

      Our members go to the chat often to have a small talk, we are like a family.


      In Black Ops 2, we were probably one of the best clans out there, only have seen 2 clans better than us (Best moment was when we made a top clan -Forgot the name, but it's pretty popular and "good"- rage quit. We were losing by a bit, them owning us (9 of us). I get my orbital VSAT, whole game changes and we get a total of 3 swarms in the next round of Domination, the "3.0 KDR" clan leaves the game.


      Looking forward for people to join!