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    Recruiting for Xbox

      New clan looking for serious players. Intuition Gaming is looking for COD BO2 Gamers for xbox who are very competetive. We are hoping to gain enough members to have in clan tourny's and to compete against other clans in daily clan challenges. Right now we have 14 members in just a few weeks and we are growing fast. check out our website at www.intuitiongaming.com and you must be at least 17 years and up to join clan. The sign up proccess is very fast. IG is a pretty chill clan and we want to have fun and own the leaderboards. Looking for clan officers, slayers, graphic media people, and social networkers now.


      So like I said if anyone is interested please check out www.intuitiongaming.com or you can send me (clan leader) a email at intuitiongaming1@gmail.com or you may message me at my gamertag which is difederican80.